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Chapter 259: Conditions

Translator: Lonelytree


Mai looked at me with disgust in her eyes.

Sadly, I didnt care.

“Ive checked your background.” She went straight to the point.

Her tone was cold and her aura was overbearing.

I smiled.

“Perhaps I should find time to beautify my background.

So many people are digging it up.

With all these digging, even the cleanest thing will be dirtied.”


Mai was stunned.

Probably no one had talked to her like that before.

Plus she also didnt understand what I meant.

She adjusted her posture and ignored my words.

“I am not against Mai Qi making friends but you are not a suitable candidate.

You need to leave her.”

I nodded.

“Then Madam, do you plan to bring Mai Qi away Send her overseas to go study Shes in a university now, itll be hard to arrange for a transfer but Im sure itll be easy for Madam.”

She glared at me.

“Why should she leave You should be the one who leaves!”

I shrugged.

“Youve checked my background.

You know that I have used a lot of effort to get into M University so why would I leave Furthermore, M City is my home, where am I supposed to go”

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“I can fund you to study abroad! You can go to any country you want,” she said lightly.

I smiled.

This was her first offer.

“Madam, first of all, I dont lack money so I dont need your sponsor to study abroad.

Secondly, I dont really wish to study abroad, I like to stay here.” I then realized having money was a good thing.

It gave you a backbone.

If I was Nanxing from my previous life, I reckoned I would have sold Mai Qi out already.

But of course, that was just me thinking about it.


Mai sneered, “Then what does Miss Nan lack”

I pondered for a moment.

“Im sorry, Madam, I dont seem to lack anything.”


Mai looked at me with ice in her eyes.

“Then what if I make it so that you will end up lacking something”

I was stunned.

This was a blatant threat.

I smiled.

It was indeed different dealing with the empress.

“Madam, what is it that you might deprive me of”

“That depends on what you care about the most.” Mrs.

Mai sounded victorious.

I nodded.

“So Madam, are you going to exchange the thing I care about the most for what you want”

She nodded plainly and arrogantly.

“All that just to keep me away from Mai Qi” I asked.

“No, its to make you permanently disappear from Mai Qis life.” Mrs.

Mais smile was domineering.

“Is that really everything” I refused to believe there was nothing else.


Mai sneered, “No wonder they say youre very clever.”

I smiled at the compliment.

“I also need you to leave Jing Tian and return him to Gu Yan.” Mrs.

Mai looked at me like I had no choice but to agree to her demands.


That was the sound of the other boot falling.

This was the real reason she had come to me.

“Looks like Mrs.

Mai cares a lot about your new stepdaughter.

You are doing so much for her.” My smile faded.


Mai didnt say anything.

“I mean, to chase me away from Mai Qi, I can understand that as a mothers concern for her daughter.

But to demand a man from his fiance to satisfy your stepdaughter, is that what a mother should do What kind of twisted mothers love is that”


Mai frowned.

“Nanxing, wheres your culture Where is your respect to your elders”

I smiled faintly.

“Madam, youve already checked my background.

How can an orphan like myself be cultured Furthermore, respect goes both ways.

Why should I be respectful to someone who doesnt show me respect”


Mais expression changed.


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