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Chapter 261: Anger

I stood up and turned around to leave.

“Stop right there! I havent permitted you to leave!” She shouted hysterically behind me.

I stood still and turned around.

I looked at her.

“Just who do you think you are In this world, no one other than Mai Qi really follows your orders.

Those who surround you are not afraid of you but the power behind you.

When you lose that support, you are nothing.

Even Mai Qi knows that, so how can you be so stupid.

Do you know how big of a fool you are Why does Mai Qi still listen to you Because she is your daughter.

She is the only person in this world who really cares about you.

But you have exhausted her, forced her, and used her, but you never thought about loving her.

One day, even she will leave you!”

I looked around, and my gaze stopped at the staircase that led to the second floor.

I continued to lecture the stunned Mrs.


“I cant leave without your permission If your people dare to touch me, youll only face two consequences, either youll lose your reputation or your life! So what you need to do now is to return and try to understand why those people told you Dragons Gate could be easily bullied.

What are they trying to do I am not going to take this offense to heart because youre Mai Qis mother but I wont give Mai Qi face forever!”

I could feel my blood boiling so I rushed to the door.

When I was at the door, I turned to look up the staircase.

There was a pair of eyes looking down at me.

But I couldnt care less.

If they wanted a fight, they would get one!

Sister Xings blood was boiling inside me and every cell in me wanted a fight.

I was only five steps out of the door when Su Qian and Su Shen rushed to my side.

They wore identical black suits and glared behind me.

I saw Su Qing taunt someone.

I didnt need to look back to know that Mrs.

Mai had really sent her people after me.

What an ignorant woman!

No one came at us.

Su Shen and Su Qian guarded beside me.

I took out my phone to call Tong Le.

I didnt care about the time zone difference.

“Nanxing, are you out of your mind Do you know what time it is Cant you do basic math or look up the internet Why would you call me at this time I was in the middle of a beautiful dream and you ruined it!” Tong Le roared.

“Little Uncle, I miss you.” My voice caught.

Su Shen and Su Qian staggered at the same time.

“Nanxing, whats wrong What happened” Tong Les voice immediately softened as he asked me nervously.

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I yelled at the phone, “What do you think can happen Its your fault! You have to be extra careful.

Someone has just threatened me with your life! You need to take care of yourself.

When you come back, you need to make sure not even one strand of your hair is missing! Tong Le, if you dare to get injured, I will massacre the whole global underworld! Do you hear me If you die, I will find your body and stuff you into a pickle jar so that you wont have peace after death! And I will find your killer and butcher their whole family!”

I roared until my entire body trembled.

I kicked the tires on Su Qians car.

Tong Le was completely dumbfounded.

He muttered, “Your personality flips around like a coin.

How can Jing Tian endure someone like you Are you sure you can get married Will anyone want you”

I was furious.

“Guarantee me! Guarantee me that youll be alive and well!”


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