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Chapter 262: Peace

Translator: Lonelytree

“Fine, fine.

I guarantee you, but you need to calm down.

Calm down please.” Tong Le was completely cowed.

I hung up the call and got into the car.

I slammed the door so hard the whole car shook.

Su Qian drove while Su Shen took the passenger seat.

They shared a look through the rearview mirror and then looked at me.

“Miss, why are you so angry If someone wants to challenge Dragons Gate, Master Si and Brother Jing should be quite happy.

They havent had a practice in a long time already.” Su Qian smiled as she started the engine.

There was a communicator between the three of us so they would have heard every conversation I had with Mrs.


Su Shen said, “Sister Xing, you are acting more like your role.

I believe Mrs.

Mai has never been treated like that before in her life.”

The blood in my body gradually slowed down and my breathing stabilized.

I really shouldnt torment myself over this woman who didnt know anything.

I rolled my eyes at Su Shen, “Remind Brother Jing to be careful.

Who knows what she might do.

After all, if she does something outrageous, there are people who will protect her.

Plus, theres the issue with Mai Qi too.”

Su Shen sighed, “Youre being too cautious.”

I hesitated, “Did you find anyone else around the cafe”

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Su Shen shook her head with confusion, “Whats wrong”

“There was someone watching from the second floor of the cafe.” I voiced my observation.

Su Shen nodded.

“There are guards watching Mrs.

Mai in the open and in the dark.

The cafe was probably crawling with her people.

She really intended to harm you.”

“She wanted to teach me a lesson.” I leaned back in my seat and placed my hands behind my head.

“How did someone like her survive until today If she didnt have her background, she would have died more than ten times already.” Su Shen shook her head and sighed.

I thought of Mai Qis father.

He was an unreadable person, but he was capable of intense and true love.

He cared deeply about Mai Qi so he must care about his wife too.

But so what

If Mrs.

Mai dared to come after Tong Le and Dragons Gate, I would retaliate.

“She merely lacks someone to teach her the lessons of real life.” Su Qian pointed out.

To avoid her mother, Mai Qi stayed with me.

She didnt go anywhere except to class.

Even when she went to class, she would have Su Qian drive her so her mother wouldnt spot her.

But I believed Mrs.

Mai was merely busy with something else.

If she wanted to catch her daughter, she could wait at the lecture hall.

Well, since there was temporary peace, I would enjoy it.

It was not that I couldnt afford to keep Mai Qi around.

Since Mai Qi moved in with me, Lu Yan was left alone in the dorm.

Mai Qi had unloaded a lot on her, and Lu Yan needed time to process.

Unlike us, she had nowhere else to go but the dorm so it was good that we left her alone for her to heal.

Mai Qi was a soft-hearted person.

She was worried about Lu Yan so she ordered many snacks online and had people deliver them to the dorm.

She added a note, “Eating always solves my problem!”

I didnt know what to say.

“Dont you think Lu Yan will be so touched I can already imagine her eating the snacks with watery eyes.” Mai Qi said as she leaned on the sofa and licked the ice cream cone.

I was not going to satisfy her with a reply.

At that moment, Lu Yan sent a photo of herself lying in the pile of snacks.

“Mai Qi, Nanxing, thank you!”

Mai Qi pointed at the photo.

“Why is she thanking you She should be thanking me!”


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