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Chapter 263: Weakness

Translator: Lonelytree

I looked at the photo.

“She should have felt better, right”

Mai Qi shook her head.

“I dont know.

If I were her, I would be trapped in the trauma for life.”

I thought for a moment.

“Mai Qi, in your eyes, everything is black or white, everything has to be put on the table.

But in reality, many situations are grey in color.

Its not easy for Lu Yan to survive until now.

We should try to help her whenever we can, but without hurting her pride.”

Mai Qi smiled, “Nanxing, do you know what your biggest weakness is”

I looked at her somewhat speechlessly.

Mai Qis smile was nice but her eyes were hard.

“Nanxing, youre too kind.

Ive seen my shares of evil people.

Id advise you to channel your kindness to the right place.

I have no objection if you want to help her and her brothers but you shouldnt let your guard down because of it.

It is wonderful that you are a kind person but do you think everyone is born with a kind heart Lu Yans whole life is basically ruined by Ye Qian.

She is a student at M University now but we dont know how she managed to claw her way through all those years in the past.

Do you understand what I mean”

I felt ashamed.

Mai Qi was right.

I had put my guard down.

I thought about it.

It was because I had my little uncle and Jing Tians protection that I became so gullible.

Mai Qis words were a splash of water to my face.

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Just as I was trying to reassess my situation, Ye Qian came to find me.

We decided to meet at a cafe.

I thought she was there to lobby for Mrs.

Mai, but once she entered the door, she said, “Nanxing, Mrs.

Mai is very angry with you.

You need to be careful.

You better tell Jing Tian and have him protect you.”

I was quite surprised.

“Miss Ye, Im confused.

Arent you supposed to be helping Mrs.

Mai Why are you telling me this”

Ye Qian smiled wryly.

“Nanxing, you must have heard about my family background, right”

Is this a test I shook my head.

Ye Qian sighed.

“Youll hear about it sooner or later.

Rather than hearing it through the grapevine, why not hear it from the horses mouth”

I nodded, willing to listen.

“Im an orphan!” She cut straight to the point.

Her eyes were fixed on me.

I knew that she was reading my expression to see if I had found out anything from Lu Yan.

I smiled.

“Then were the same.

Im also an orphan.”

Ye Qian shook her head.

“No, were different.

You at least have your uncle and aunt to take you in but I grew up in an orphanage.”

I nodded.

“Tomahto, tomayto.

Youre familiar with Nanyang, do you think it was much better to survive under her claws than being at an orphanage”

Nanyangs name caused Ye Qian to lose her focus for a moment.

She nodded.

“Thats true.

Nanyang is good at killing without drawing blood.

However, men are drawn to girls like her.

I guess your life must be difficult at the Nan Family.”

I nodded.

“Youre right.

When I was small, Nanyang and her friends would scare me by threatening to send me to an orphanage if I didnt listen to them.

It sounds like life at an orphanage is harder than mine.” I gave her a way out.

Ye Qian stirred her coffee with a spoon.

“I cant even remember when I was dropped off at the orphanage.

I was there for as long as I could remember.

Because I was there early and knew the place well so the younger kids listened to me.

That way, they wouldnt be scolded that often.

Thats why I knew how to take care of others.

The role of the protective big sister fell on me..” She sighed softly.


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