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Chapter 264: The Other Story

“I watched other children leave the orphanage one after another.

Some died from illness, others were adopted.

I was envious of those being adopted.

After all, there should be heaven outside the orphanage, right

“Sadly, I had a nutrition absorption problem since I was young.

I was too small and never grew tall.

Plus I wasnt pretty either.

Even though I tried to show my best side whenever a prospective adopter came, no one ever chose me.

Thankfully, the orphanage director was very nice to me.

I thought I would stay at the orphanage forever and it wouldnt be so bad.

I could help the director.

“But the first wish I had every morning was to hope for someone to adopt me.

Yet, that day didnt come.

That year I was 8, I was already old enough to help around the orphanage.

“There was a young girl who was very special.

She often bullied other kids, but when the others fought back she would cry like the world was ending.

Eventually, no one wanted to play with her anymore so I was tasked to look after her.

She always created problems but I was the one who was blamed for it.

Because she would come to beg me to shoulder the blame for her.”

I had a feeling she was talking about Lu Yan.

“My life was harsh enough but I had to deal with such a burden.

It was truly miserable.

“Then one day, another adopter came.

After looking around, they picked that little troublemaker.

But the girl refused to go with them.

She locked herself up in her room and refused to come out.

The teachers and director couldnt do anything.

But the adopter was a very powerful family.

If we didnt hand her over, the orphanage might have to shut down.

“Therefore, I volunteered to persuade the girl.

The director promised to send me to school if I could help her solve this problem.

I was thrilled and rushed to talk to the girl.

I used many different methods to persuade the girl.

I tried scaring her, persuading her, and begging her, but it was pointless.

The girl said that she knew the mother of the adopters family was a madwoman.

She would beat and scold the adopted child.

Yes, life might be better, but it would be hell too.

“She suddenly turned around to ask me if I wanted to be adopted.

I sighed.

I told her, I was not the one being picked.

She said it would be okay because the person to come to pick up the child would be the familys maid.

She wont mind the details.

The girl believed that I would be capable enough to placate the female owner of the house.

“I had to admit I was moved.

I desperately wanted to leave the orphanage.

The girl told me everything she had heard about the family.

The family was rich and would send the adopted girl to school.

I wouldnt have to starve anymore because there would be so much delicious food to eat.

This was such a temptation for me.

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“So we had a deal.

I would go to the adoptive family on her behalf but she would stay behind to look after my friends and animals at the orphanage for me.

To be honest, I was ready to die.

This way, at least before I died, I would have tasted the luxury of life.


Gu was worse than the girl described.

She was crazy and temperamental.

When she acted up, she would grab a knife and scream for blood.

At first, I was so scared I didnt dare to sleep.

Even though I was ready to die, who really wanted to die When she was normal, she was like a loving mother.

She would buy me new clothes and delicious food.

But there was no telling when her mood would flip!”

Ye Qian pulled up her sleeves to show me an old scar on her elbow.

The scar had extra skin growth, it was hideous.

“She threw a chair at me one day out of no reason.

This is why I never wear short-sleeved dresses.

It is to hide this scar.” Ye Qians tone was sad.

“Why didnt you have it covered up Im sure current technology can do that.” I asked.

Ye Qian shook her head.

“I left this behind on purpose as a warning to myself.”


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