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Chapter 265: Goodwill

I did not know what to say after hearing her story.

One story had three versions.

One from Lu Yan, one from Mai Qi and now one from Ye Qian.

I remembered Mai Qiseducation, I knew that I had to be more objective.

After all, everyone would be a hero in their stories, and I couldnt believe them blindly.

Every main character was worthy of sympathy but the antagonists were also the same few main characters.

So you might be sympathizing with a demon.

In any case, I realized they didnt need my sympathy.

Ye Qian sighed softly, “Nanxing, do you know No one at the Gu Family take me seriously.

They said that Mrs.

Gus daughter was lost because she couldnt sustain the good fortune from the Gu and Ye Family.

Therefore, they cannot repeat the same mistake on me.

So even though I am Master Gu Ers adopted daughter, my surname is Ye.

My adoptive mother is crazy so she doesnt care about this at all.”

I feigned ignorance and asked, “But does that matter I notice that Master Gu Er treats you very well.”

Ye Qians smile was a little sorrowful.

“Since my surname is Ye, the issues of the Gu Family will have nothing to do with me.

My status is no better than a servant and my master is Mrs.


I manage to claw my way to become a member of the Gu Corporation through pure hard work.

I do have Master Gu Ers appreciation but what am I but a loyal dog

“Nanxing, you have no idea how much I envy you.

You come from a good background, you are capable, and you have so many people protecting you.

Do you know how much hard work I have to put in to get to where I am today I have lost my identity, my pride, my self-respect and everything.

I dont have anything at all because they are never mine to begin win.

“Nanxing, you are a ray of light that shone into my life.

You made me realize there is a better way to live.

Nanxing, you are free and open.

I really hope to be your friend, Nanxing.”

She looked at me with a burning gaze.

I smiled.

“Sister Ye Qian, you flatter me.”

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She shook her head.

“You are a clever person so I wont talk circles around you.

For a lonely woman like myself, I need to find a reliable ally.

The Gu Family has never once noticed my existence, I am just a glorified dog.

I fought for everything that I have with my own effort.

Therefore, I am here today.

I am going to fight for this connection.

Nanxing, if we are friends, we will be each others ally.”

I was surprised by her directness and I had to admit, I was impressed too.

“Sister Ye Qian, you have a reliable ally in the Jing Family too.

Based on my observation, Jing Ning obeys your order.

If you are willing, Jing Ning will surrender everything he has to you.

That has to be a better solution for you, no” I commented with a smile.

Ye Qian didnt smile back.

“Men arent reliable.”

I looked at her.

She looked at me seriously.

“Nanxing, Ive seen too many fights between powerful and rich families.

A woman can only rely on herself.

When a man can be trusted, hell will freeze over.

Plus Jing Ning and I are not from the same world, I will never be Mrs.


“He only treats me so well because he is not satisfied with his wife and because he cannot get me.

Men are always like that, the mistress is better than the wife, and another mans wife is better than the mistress.”

I was shocked.

Ye Qians clear-headedness about the working of the world surprised me.

No wonder Nanxing in the previous life and Nanyang in the current life had lost to her!

To be fair, Ye Qian was being honest when she said she fought for everything she had with hard work.

The Gu Family or men like Jing Ning were just stepping stones for Ye Qian.


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