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Chapter 266: Comments

She took in my expression and smiled.

“Nanxing, youre surprised that Im being so direct”

I nodded honestly.

Ye Qian took a sip of her coffee.

“Nanxing, your relationship with Master Qi is good because the two of you are equally matched.

Master Qi admires you.

But if were just talking about just family backgrounds, Gu Yan is more suitable for him than you are.

However, with Master Qis status and personality, it is impossible for him to accept this alliance through marriage.

“In the Jing Family, the youngest son doesnt need to inherit the family business and Master Qi never seems he intended to do that either, or else it would turn his brothers even more against him.

Therefore, marrying Gu Yan will only worsen his position.”

I listened to her analysis with interest.

This was my first time hearing another person analyze Jing Tian from an objective perspective.

“Your family background is steeped in the underworld so marrying you will not turn Jing Tian against his brothers.

Furthermore, you have a distinct personality and we know an ordinary woman wont catch Master Qis eyes.

“For example, Gu Yan doesnt even feature in his eyes.

Other than your beauty, you are unique and unrestrained in your actions.

You are a strong attraction to Master Qi.

You are a rare species among the female sex.

If I were I man, I would treasure you too.”

I swirled the coffee.

“So youre saying Jing Tian is only choosing me because I am his best option”

Ye Qian smiled, “Nanxing, Master Qi is a master strategist, or else he wouldnt enjoy his current status and achievement in the underworld.

Plus do you know why the 7 Brothers have gathered at M City”

I shook my head.

I thought they had gathered at M City because I had leaked my location on the darknet but based on Ye Qians words, there was a bigger story behind it.

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“Master Qi and Master Si stayed overseas and the other brothers stayed at the capital, that had always been the arrangement.

This situation was balanced.

But suddenly one day Master Qi decided to return to M University and took up a lecturing post at the university.

This means that he intends to stay here long-term.

“The first to worry are the people from the Jing Family.

After all, everyone can see how much Old Master Jing favors Jing Tian.

Everyone else is worried that one day theyd wake up to Old Master Jing making the announcement that Jing Tian would be his successor.

So every other member of the Jing Family is finding outside help so they can rival Master Qi.

“This also alarmed the other Brothers at the capital.

Before they could figure out how to set the new balance, Master Si returned.

After that, the other Brothers had to come to M City.

Or else Master Qi and Master Si might consume everything.”

“Consume everything” I found it hilarious.

“My little uncle and Jing Tian reunited with me because I released my information on the darknet.” I explained.

Ye Qian smiled, “Yes, your action rocked the darknet and the global underworld was itching to come after you.

However, Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame Alliance had joined forces to suppress that.

This made the Brothers in the capital even more nervous.

It was why they had gathered here.

It is also the main reason why Master Gu Er is desperate to push Gu Yan onto Master Qi.

“Nanxing, actually Mrs.

Mai poses no threat to you.

No matter how loud she screams, she cant do anything to Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame Alliance.

She has grossly overestimated herself.

“But once you marry Jing Tian, then it will form a deeper bond between Master Si and Master Qi.

That worries the other Brothers a lot.

It will tip the balance too badly.

This is the risk of standing at the peak.

There are always people who are trying to kick you down.”


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