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Chapter 267: Sincerity

Translator: Lonelytree

Ye Qian sighed softly.

“Nanxing, you may not like what I have to say, but Master Qi is in a high position and that makes him a target.

As talented and as careful as he is, his situation will not allow him to make any mistakes.

He would have thought of every factor before he made any decision, especially one that is as important as his marriage.

Others will naturally intervene as well.

“Gu Yan is destined to pester you two for life.

This is her mission and her destiny.

Her only purpose in life is to marry Master Qi.

If she fails, the other Brothers will destroy her.

Therefore, she will not give up no matter what.

It is best if she can ruin your relationship with Master Qi because that means the collaboration between Master Qi and Master Si will not happen and everyone will sigh in relief.

“Similarly, Master Qi also understands that while he can give up the Jing Family, he cannot lose his position in the underworld.

Working together with Master Si is his best step forward and the easiest way to ensure that is to marry you.”

This was the first time I had heard someone analyze my relationship with Jing Tian so coldly and detachedly.

So in other peoples eyes, the relationship between me and Jing Tian was based on the judgment of benefits.

When placed under the microscope, it made everything feel so sterile.

It made me uncomfortable even though everything she said made complete sense.

“Sister, youve elaborated so much but I didnt once hear you mention love.

I know that Jing Ning is sincerely in love with Big Sister but Sister Ye Qian, you dont seem to care about him at all.

I am impressed by your detachedness.”

Ye Qian smiled faintly and looked at me with a sad gaze.

“Nanxing, what is love but a prettier way of explaining a beneficial relationship.

It is something the foolish use to comfort and lie to themselves.

“Jing Ning said he loves me but when he is forced to choose between the Jing Family and me, which one do you think he will choose I know he will choose the Jing Family.

Gu Yan will die for Master Qi but when Master Qi is no longer Master Qi, do you think she will continue to love him What is love It is nothing but an excuse.”

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I nodded with a smile because what she said made sense.

“Sister Ye Qian, then why dont you ask me if Id still love Jing Tian if he is no longer Master Qi.”

Ye Qian sighed.

“Nanxing, that is a fruitless question because you are different from Gu Yan.

You will choose Master Qi even when he is not Master Qi because being by your side, he will continue to be Master Qi.

In fact, any man you choose will be the Master Qi.

But once Gu Yan leaves the Gu Family, she is nothing.”

Ye Qian looked at me with soft eyes.

“You dont need to fight for anything because God has handed everything to you.

That is what Gu Yan and Nanyang hate the most about you.

Even I am envious of you.

We come from way too different backgrounds.

Unless I have a chance to reincarnate, I will never reach your level so the next best thing is for me to be your friend.”

I was speechless as I looked at her.

Ye Qian smiled.

“I know it is presumptuous of me to come to you like this.

But consider this my surrender to you.

I want you to know my intention.

I have opened my heart to you.

The trust between humans is very hard to build, furthermore, we have been in opposing camps.

But nothing stays the same forever.

“I hope you will one day see my sincere intention.

So please dont put me in the same category as the rest.

I will never be your enemy.

Nanxing, I have never made such a promise to anyone before.

Youre the only one.”


Ye Qian left.

I sat alone, digesting her words.

“Any man you choose will be the Master Qi…” That was what she said.

I would tell Jing Tian about it.

The other things she said… It just annoyed me whenever I thought about it so I decided to flush them down my memory.

Regardless, Ye Qian had impressed me once again.


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