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Chapter 280: Question

Translator: Lonelytree


Qu, I have a question but I dont know if its my place to ask it or not.” I looked at him.

His smile was graceful.

“Nanxing, dont need to stand on ceremony, I will answer any question you have.

“Thank you!” I expressed my gratitude first.

“I dont have any memories of the kidnapping case.

I have heard bits and pieces but I have not heard Mr.

Qus perspective.

From the versions I have, Mr.

Qu plays a background character.” I voiced the question in my heart.

Qu Hao looked at me with a smile.

“Nanxing, I thought youd ask me about what happened to Mai Qi and how I brought her back.

I was already prepared to go into the details.

But you surprised me by asking about my childhood.”

I smiled, “I will ask Mai Qi what happened to her.

How you brought her back is between you and Mrs.

Mai, it has nothing to do with me so the lesser I know about it, the better.”

Qu Hao shook his head.

“Nanxing, youre too smart.”

I took that as a compliment.

Qu Hao crossed his arms.

After some thought, he said, “Are you asking if I have bullied you and Jing Tian I didnt.

It was because I was mostly unconscious.

I had pneumonia and was kidnapped on my way to the hospital.

Jing Tian was injured to protect us, or more precisely to protect me.

“Based on what the kidnappers said, every one of us should be beaten so that it would scare our parents.

However Jing Ning was Jing Tians cousin, I was ill, Nanyang, Gu Yan, and you were girls.

Nanyang and Gu Yan only knew how to cry.

Therefore, Jing Tian volunteered to take the beating for the rest of us.

He said the other parents would be equally stunned when they saw how badly beaten he was.

He warned that if the kidnappers laid a finger on the rest, they would not see even a penny.

Therefore, he shouldered everything.”

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Qu Hao had filled in the gap in Jing Tians story.

That silly man, even around me, he refused to tell the truth.

Qu Hao looked at me.

“He was heavily injured and I was seriously ill.

The kidnappers didnt give us any food or water.

The other three only knew how to cry.

Only you, little Nanxing, knew how to go find water and food.”

I was stunned.

“Wait, I took care of you too”

Qu Hao nodded.

“Yes, due to my fever, you saved some water for me too.

It was Jing Tian who told you to do that.”

This Jing Tian, how petty can he be But internally I was smiling.

Qu Hao smiled.

“Thats why, Nanxing, youre my savior.”

I said, “Please dont say that.

If youre really obliged to repay me, then repay Jing Tian.

After all, you said it was him who told me to take care of you.”

Qu Haos smile was helpless.

“Do you really not remember anything”

I shook my head and then nodded.

“That part of my memory is a complete blank.

I dont even remember what happened when my parents passed away.

But Im already used to it.”

Qu Hao sighed.

“It should be your head injury.

Nanyang and Gu Yan were too much.

Even in that situation, they still wanted to create trouble and cause you to suffer.”

Good! Another person has proved that Nanyang and Gu Yan did owe me.

I would make them pay eventually.

I touched the back of my head.

If not for these people, I will never know what happened back then.

“Theres still one more thing that I dont understand.” I looked at Qu Hao.

Qu Hao nodded..

“Ask away.”


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