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Chapter 281: Questions

“Do you know why we were kidnapped” I asked him.

Qu Hao was startled.

“For money of course.

This is still the biggest kidnapping case in M City.” I looked at him.

His expression was very serious, it didnt seem like he was deliberately hiding something.

Could it be that he doesnt know either “Before this kidnapping, did you know the others” I asked.

“Sort of.

We would meet at least once a year.

M City is close to the capital.

If anything happened at the capital, M City will be the first place to know.

Furthermore, M City is the home of many officials and nobles.

Not many people knew my real identity, they only knew I came from a rich family like Jing Tian and Gu Yan.

So I was not the kidnappers specific target.

When you think about it, all the kidnapped children were the children of the local landlords so they were clearly after money.” Qu Hao explained.

I nodded.

Perhaps I was overthinking it.

But for some reason, I still believed the kidnapping was not that simple.

What kind of dumb criminals would kidnap so many children Plus why make their targets so scattered Wouldnt it be easier if they aimed at a group of children that came from the same kindergarten or primary school But we were taken from different places.

Qu Haos description matched what Jing Tian told me.

So this was very curious to me.

Was the kidnapper dumb or there was something I was missing

“One more thing still confuses me.

Why did the kidnappers nab someone as young as you when they already had Nanyang from the Nan Family But thanks to you, Jing Tian and I survived.” Qu Hao smiled gently.

I had no memory of this so I only listened to it as a story.

I shrugged.

“I was a naughty child when I was young.

Different from proper ladies like Nanyang and Gu Yan, I crawled in and out to find something to do.

Finding food and water was an accident.

For you, I might have saved your life; but for me, it was probably fun and games.

However, I have to thank you for remembering this.

Because I have never heard Jing Ning, Nanyang or Gu Yan thank me before.

When Jing Tian told me the story, I even suspected he was weaving tales for me.”

Qu Hao smiled, “They are probably ashamed.

After all, if they hadnt been so ungrateful, you wouldnt have suffered such a serious injury.

Furthermore, it was your eldest uncle who saved us in the end.

Without your family, Jing Tian and I would have died already.”

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I looked at him in surprise.

This was the first time I had heard about this.

Jing Tian had no memory of how we were saved because he fainted from his heavy injury.

“How can you be sure it was my eldest uncle who saved us You saw him” I asked.

Qu Hao nodded.

“After I recovered, I was sent overseas.

The person who was assigned to protect me has some connections with your uncle.

Therefore, I know your uncle and cousin.” His face darkened.

“Such a shame what happened to them.”

I sighed.

“I dont remember any of these.

My memories only started after I was adopted by the Nan Family.”

“Have you seen a doctor I can help you find the best psychiatrist…” Qu Hao offered.

I shrugged.

“I dont think thats necessary.

Perhaps theres a reason for my amnesia.

Sometimes, not having the memory might not be a bad thing.”

Qu Hao sighed.


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