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Chapter 282: Memories

I had lived two lifetimes but in both lifetimes I suppressed that part of my memory.

There had to be a reason why.

I smiled and said, “Its alright.

As I said, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

After all, this way I am not burdened by bad memories.

Before this, someone kidnapped me to find the inheritance my parents left behind.

I was brought to an island and I did pick up some special memories there.

They were happy memories.

But I still have no recollection of the kidnapping, of my parents car accident, even though I was present both times.

My brain probably eliminated them selectively for protection.”

Qu Hao looked surprised.

“Nanxing, you are a very special girl.”

I shrugged.

“For me, living a good life is more important than being troubled by the past.

I believe in the last moment of my parents lives, they would have hoped that I would live a good life.

So I would do that for them.”

Qu Hao nodded.

He crossed his fingers and was deep in thought.

“Okay, Mr.

Qu, I have no questions already, you can leave now,” I said.

Qu Hao chuckled in awe.

“Nanxing, your directness amuses me! And it has hurt my self-esteem!”

I stood up and shrugged.

“I dont believe your self-esteem is so easily injured.

Anyway, I need to go check up on Mai Qi.

If you want to stay, then be my guest but I cant sit to chat with you anymore.

Please excuse me.”

Qu Hao stood up.

“Alright, I will leave then.

Ill leave Mai Qi with you.

If you need anything, feel free to call me.

I will do my best to help.”

“Dont worry, if it involves Mai Qi, Ill drag you into it!” I uttered bluntly.

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Mai Qi was already asleep when I pushed open her bedroom door.

I was relieved hearing her steady breathing.

Since she could sleep so peacefully, then things must still be fine.

I tiptoed to the door.

As I opened the door, a soft nasally voice said behind me, “Nanxing.” I turned around.

I couldnt see her face in the dark but I still smiled and said, “Youre still awake I came to check on you.

I thought you were asleep so I wanted to leave you be.”

“Come and keep me company.” Mai Qis voice was firm.

Thankfully I had already showered and brushed my teeth.

I crawled under the quilt.

I sighed.

“Ive sent your brother away.

Im sorry.

Even though he is extremely handsome, I dont feel anything around him.

So I cant be your sister-in-law.

So the ball is in your court.

You need to be work hard to be my little aunt and well be a family for the rest of our lives! What do you think, future little aunt” Mai Qi did not pounce on me like she usually did when I made such jokes.

“Nanxing,” She called out to me in a low voice.

I stopped smiling and reached out to hold her hand in the darkness.

“Mai Qi, whats wrong” She held my hand without saying a word.

Her hands were so cold.

After a few seconds, I realized Mai Qi was crying.

She was trembling so hard because she was trying not to make any sound.

The pressure on her was tremendous.

“Mai Qi, whats wrong Tell me.” I sat up and grabbed a few pillows to cushion the headboard.

Then I helped Mai Qi sit up in bed.

We leaned against the headboard.

This way, at least Mai Qi would not choke on her tears.

I did not press.

My fingers crossed with hers.

I hoped that I could channel my energy to her this way as I waited for her to calm down.


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