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Chapter 294: Sobriety

Shi Feng on the monitor was no different from an animal.

He used those strange things on those poor, abused women.

Mai Qi screamed wildly and shut her eyes.

Su Shen and I rushed out of the bathroom.

Su Shen went to switch off the monitor.

I rushed forward to hug Mai Qi.

The physical contact made Mai Qi scream like she was about to collapse.

I howled into her ear.

“Mai Qi, its me, Nanxing!” I hugged her tightly.

Since she was screaming, I had to scream louder than her.

We screamed until our voices changed.

Su Shen pulled me back and slapped Mai Qi in her face.

Mai Qi stopped screaming and she stared at us.

I untied the rope on Mai Qi and held her in my arms.

I patted her back gently.

“Mai Qi, its me, Nanxing! Everything is fine.”

Mai Qis body stiffened and she did not move.

After what seemed like forever, the waterworks started.

My heart settled down.

It was good that she was finally crying.

I patted her gently and allowed her to vent her trauma and sadness.

After some time, her cries turned into soft sobs.

I carefully let go of her bit by bit.

In response, she gripped me tightly.

I sat cross-legged beside the bed and held her hand.

I nodded at Su Shen.

Su Shen packed up the sexual things, threw them into the bathroom, and closed the door.

“This is my second time being in this room,” I admitted slowly as I looked at Mai Qi who was still crying.

Mai Qi paused.

I was relieved to know that she was still with us.

“When I was here the first time, I came looking for Jing Ni.

Jing Ning and Jing Yan gifted Jing Ni to Shi Feng as a present.

I looked for her everywhere like mad.

I almost shattered the receptionists table at this hotel.

I ran into Gu Nian at the lobby and he led us to this room.” I explained.

Mai Qi stopped sobbing and looked at me nervously.

I shook my head gently.

“Jing Ni wasnt here.

She was at another hotel.

My little uncle found her.

That other room is even worse than this one.

I heard that Shi Feng has quite a number of sexual lairs.

I cant imagine the number of girls he has harmed in these rooms.” I shook her hand and asked her gently, “Mai Qi, you have no idea how perverse Shi Feng is.

Are you sure youre going to marry him for your mother”

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Mai Qis tears fell again.

“Mai Qi, you are not Jing Ni.

You are a strong-minded person.

I wont force you into any decision, no one can.

But you are my best friend.

I need you to understand the full picture before you make any rash decision.

“If you still want to sacrifice yourself for your mother and be the worlds best and stupidest daughter, I will not stop you.

But I have to do things that I believe I have to do.

Shi Feng has harmed two of my best friends.

I have to eliminate him even if I might die with him!

“I said that I will protect you.

Currently, I still cant do that so the only solution is to destroy the person who intends to harm you!” I looked at her sincerely.

Mai Qi covered my mouth with her hand.

“Nanxing, dont! Its not worth it!”

I pulled back her hands.

“Then tell me.

Is it really worth it for you to sacrifice your life for your mothers ambitions”

Mai Qis tears fell like rain.

“Mai Qi, listen to me, okay Its fine for your mother to have big ambitions but its wrong for her to sacrifice you to achieve them.

Do you understand that”


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