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Chapter 296: Scolding

Mai Qi let go to wipe her tears.

“Nanxing, please let me go.

Everyone has their own lives to live.

Ive already enjoyed 20 years of happiness that normal people wont even taste in their lives.

I know Shi Feng is horrible but I have no idea he is so perverse.

But dont worry, I will not allow myself to be treated like that.

Can you help me find someone to cripple him Just leave him with a single breath.

I will marry him and take care of him for the rest of his life but I will make sure he wont be able to harm anyone again!”

Mai Qis expression became firm.

Her expression near the end was sharp.

This was the Mai Qi I knew.

I looked at her wordlessly.

She lowered her eyes.

“Nanxing, dont worry.

Ill be fine.

If my sacrifice will save more girls, itll be worth it.”

I stood up and looked down at her.

“Worth it You really think its worth it to trade the rest of your life for an animal like him”

Mai Qi looked at me without saying a word.

“Idiot!” I yelled at her.

“Mai Qi, how blind I must be to befriend someone like you You are so unbelievably stupid! You are even worse than Gu Yan who always tries to set me up! At least she knows how to put herself first.

But you, everything you do, you do it for your mother and even girls you dont even know.

What about yourself Are you Buddha incarnate”

Mai Qi didnt say anything and looked at me helplessly.

“Is your sacrifice really going to be worth it Do you think the Shi Family will help your mother after you married Shi Feng Do you think they will follow your mothers orders Your mother is dumb enough to believe that but are you that dumb too”

Mai Qi lowered her face.

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“Do you think Shi Feng will stop harming the others after I cripple him Let me tell you, someone like him will only stop after he is dead.

So what is the point of your sacrifice You will lose your life and it will be for nothing!

“If you really want the best for your mother, then you need to correct her mindset and not let her stray further into that trap!

“Mai Qi, its time to wake up.

With your father and brothers current power, do you think they will sit idle as your mother gathers her own forces”

Mai Qi slowly raised her head and looked at me in shock.

“You are familiar with the Shi Family and the Wei Family.

Do you think your father and brother dont know them Since you know about your mothers ambitions, do you think they dont know about it Do the Brothers want to help your mother or they are only using your mother and you to sully the relationship and balance within your family”

Mai Qis eyes suddenly clouded with fear.

“Mai Qi, your mother is dumb but you cant be dumb too.

You know this is a wrong path and you plan to walk it to the end You are not helping your mother, you are harming her, pushing her into the dark abyss!”

“Th-then what should I do” A trace of panic flashed in Mai Qis eyes.

She jumped off the bed to grab my hand.

I did not say anything.

Mai Qi turned away and started to pace back and forth.

Mai Qi was different from Jing Ni.

Jing Ni needed to be pushed.

Someone needed to be there to help her sort things out and to help her make the decisions.

But Mai Qi was different.

She would only trust the decisions that she made herself.

Thankfully, Mai Qi was very clever.

I believed she would see the problem and solution soon enough.

After all, she was only blinded temporarily by her mothers pressure.


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