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Chapter 299: Healing

Shi Feng was very headstrong at first.

He kept scolding and humiliating Jing Ni.

We were not there when Jing Ni was captured by Shi Feng and we were unable to get the story out of Jing Ni afterward either.

But now, from the mouth of Shi Feng, we finally knew what happened.

Jing Tian clenched his fists until his knuckles cracked.

He couldnt listen to this anymore.

As Jing Tian reached for the door, my little uncle stopped him.

Jing Tian said in a deep voice, “Tong Le, get out of the way!”

With his back against the door, little uncle looked at us and said in a low voice, “This is Jing Nis only chance to heal.

There is no second chance!”

Jing Tian and I were stunned.

“Huh What do you mean” I asked him.

My little uncle sighed, “A mental trauma can only be cured when one faces it head-on.

What Jing Ni cant face is her weak self from the past.

As her whip lands on Shi Feng, she is not eradicating Shi Feng but herself from back then.”

Jing Tian and I were silent.

“Why is it like this We dont know.

The only thing we can do is cooperate.

The girl wants to get better or else she wouldnt have survived until today.

Do you understand it now” My little uncle explained calmly.

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Jing Tian gripped his fists.

“Im going to kill this bastard!”

My little uncle sighed and told Jing Tian, “You can do that after Jing Ni is cured.”

I looked out the mirror.

Shi Fengs screams slowly weakened.

I was worried.

“He should die but not in Jing Nis hands.”

Jing Ni stopped as she panted heavily.

She tossed the whip away and collapsed to the ground.

“Jing Ni!” I pushed my uncle away, pulled open the door, and rushed in.

I knelt to hug Jing Ni.

“Nanxing,” Jing Ni called my name and then fell into my arms.

Jing Tian reached down to pick up Jing Ni.

“Nanxing, go get the car; Tong Le, clean up the mess!”

After we were done with everything, Shi Feng was soon found in the hotel.

He was lying on the carpet with whip wounds all over his body.

There were two young girls with heavy scars beside him.

They were dead.

The two girls families found Shi Feng before Shi Fengs family did.

They beat up the unconscious Shi Feng and ruined the crime scene.

When the Shi Familys bodyguards arrived, so did the police.

Shi Feng was sent to the hospital.

The angry family followed them to the hospital and almost turned it upside down.

More family members of Shi Fengs victims arrived, and they demanded justice.

Shi Li hurried over from the capital.

Shi Feng was recovering peacefully in ICU, but Shi Li had to deal with M Citys most extensive investigation.

Shi Feng had earned the public ire.

How could the young man be allowed to carry out his perverse hobby for so long How many innocent girls had died under his hands Who had been protecting him

All the media reported this.

The reporters searched high and low for clues.

The Shi Family had a million pairs of eyes on them all of a sudden.

They couldnt do anything without being seen.

In this situation, who could come to rescue them

On top of that, the official who had just arrived at M City called the relevant government department and gave orders that the investigation had to be done fairly.

There should be no room for favoritism or malpractice.

The public deserved the truth.

The official would not allow M City to become a criminal hotbed.

I imagined Brother Du Heng saying these things and I felt like laughing.

In any case, the human cancer called Shi Feng was eradicated.

With regards to the consequences, wed face it calmly.

It was impossible for us to be friends with the Shi Family anyway.

It was better to fight openly than feign civility.

This was what Mr.

Tong Le said.

A tooth for a tooth.

However, something bothered me.

That day, at the hotel, inside the bathroom, my little uncle referred to Jing Ni asthe girl in his anxiety.

It was then that I understood, to my little uncle, Jing Ni was like me, one of his juniors.


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