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Chapter 302: Confession

Auntie Lan raised her hand to stop me.

“Theres no need to explain anything, I already saw him.

I saw Jing Tian come back this morning.

I wanted to talk to him but he said he was too busy!”

“Erm, Auntie Lan, remember the thing I told you that day That was a lie.” I finally confessed.

“Which thing” Auntie Lan stared at me with her eyes wide open.

“The thing between Jing Tian and my little uncle was not true,” I admitted.

“Oh, that Your little uncle is back, isnt he” Auntie Lan looked at me with understanding.

I nodded with uncertainty.

“Auntie Lan, its true, Ive lied to you.

I was angry that youd believe the words of Miss Gu and misunderstand Jing Tian so I made up a story about him and my little uncle.” I was very sincere.

Auntie Lan put down her chopsticks and looked at me with great understanding.

She reached out to pat me gently.

“Youre such a good girl.

Its okay, Auntie Lan understands.

Dont worry.”

Okay, that just sounded weird to me. Therefore I had to ask, “Auntie Lan, what is it that you understand”

Auntie Lan pursed her lips into a smile.

“I understand that you will come to join me for meals more often.

Youre a girl who always keeps your promises.”

I nodded quickly.

“Of course, Auntie Lan!”

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Auntie Lan added, “Wonderful.

Im always lonely, no one is there to accompany me.”

I thought internally. If you want, the whole Jing Family will come to accompany you.

Even Old Master Jing wouldnt dare say no. But it was my honor to accompany Auntie Lan, she was my future mother-in-law after all.

“Auntie Lan, Ill come to join you for meals after school.

Ill make a copy of my class schedule for you, okay If Im too caught up in class, Ill tell you in advance.” I tried my best to endear myself to her.

For one, she was my future mother-in-law, and for two, I still felt guilty.

Auntie Lan was very happy.

“Nanxing, youre a very sensible child.

I like you a lot.

Youre much better than Jing Tian!”

I smiled guiltily.

However, I couldnt tell if she bought my confession or not.

Did she really understand me

I tried to get an affirmation but she deflected me every time.

She looked at me with great understanding but that only heightened the doubt in my heart.

When I prepared to leave, I was no closer to the truth.

We departed unwillingly at the yard.

At that moment, Jing Tian and Tong Le walked through the backdoor that connected the two houses.

I immediately turned to Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan narrowed her beautiful eyes between the two men.

I cursed internally.

Jing Tian was shocked.

“Mother You Nanxing” He did not expect me to stand there with his mother.

We appeared to be good friends too.

Auntie Lan pulled Jing Tian over and held his arm.

She turned to Tong Le with a smile, “Jing Tian, is this your friend Hes really good-looking!”


Tong Le bowed politely.


Jing Tian introduced, “Hes my friend, Tong Le.”

“Auntie Lan, this is my little uncle.” I reached out to hold Tong Les arm.

Auntie Lan looked at me with an approving smile.

I was confused.

I had no idea why she had given me approval.

Me calling herAuntie Lan shocked Jing Tian and Tong Le as well.

Tong Le glared at me.

Auntie Lan caught this small interaction and she smiled even brighter at me.

It finally dawned on me.

She approved because I was stopping the interaction between Jing Tian and Tong Le.

She still thought they were a couple!

Oh my dear lord!


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