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Chapter 304: Anger

Translator: Lonelytree


Tong Les indifferent attitude was exceptionally infectious.

I couldnt help but feel relieved, so I told him about Mrs.

Mais threats.

“Little Uncle, I cant control myself when the heat runs through me.

Ive been creating troubles for others, but if they led you to danger, I would hate myself forever.” I was telling the truth.

My little uncle rubbed my head.

“Silly girl, people with dual identities like us are destined not to live ordinary lives.

Were ready for everything, so why worry I quite like it when you are all fired up.

It means the blood of the Tong Family flows through you!” He was silent for a moment before he added, “Nanxing, you know, I respect your father a lot too.

Hes a man with wisdom.

Your mother was very happy with him.

A persons success was never measured by the length of their lifespan.

They might not be here long but they have once loved and fought deeply.

It was all worth it.”

I nodded.

“I know.

I will take revenge for them, but it doesnt mean I feel sad for them.

I know they are happy in heaven.”

It was rare for me to have such a peaceful talk with my little uncle.

But I still couldnt bring myself to confide in him about how I had coupled him with Jing Tian.

It was too hard to explain.

Oh, dear lord.

I was troubled as I dried my hair.

I jumped into my bed and allowed the soft blanket to consume me.

I slowly drifted away to sleep until…

I was picked up.

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I looked at Jing Tians exasperated face through a blur.

I thought I was dreaming.

But Jing Tian was always gentle and cute in my dreams.

So why did he have such a long face

I reached out to caress his face and mattered.

“Whats wrong Why are you angry Who angered you Ill hit them for you!”

The next second, Jing Tians lips pressed on me.

I smiled internally.

It was a sweet dream after all! I reached my hands around his neck to respond to his kiss.

Hmm, this dream is so real!

My head dazed as Jing Tian picked me up and threw me onto the bed.

His body pressed against mine.

I was confused.

Whats wrong with him today Plus doesnt he have that agreement with my little uncle He was able to restrain himself when my little uncle wasnt around but he immediately crossed the line when my little uncle is back What is going on

His kisses were filled with anger.

He kissed me so hard that I felt the air in my lungs becoming thin.

However, he still wouldnt let me go.

He reached under my pajamas.

My heart shivered and I moaned involuntarily.

His kisses became harder.

There were three rapid knocks on my door.

“Jing Tian, get out now! What did you promise me” My little uncles roar came from outside the door.

Jing Tian suddenly stopped.

He stood up without hesitation and moved to open the door.

Tong Le was ready to kick down the door.

He missed and stumbled into my room.

He quickly steadied himself.

I sat up in a hurry.

I smoothed down my messy pajamas.

Thankfully my pajamas were the conservative kind.

The annoyed Tong Le turned on the light.

I used my hands to shield my face against it..

Plus, this was a defensive measure because I was sure my face was as red as a peach and my lips were probably swollen.


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