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Chapter 306: Doubles

Jing Tian glared at me with a dark expression.

“Why didnt you tell us about it so we could remedy it Now she has already confirmed this statement as fact!”

I shrank back and didnt dare to say anything.

Tong Le was annoyed.

“Youre her son.

Cant you persuade her with the truth She has already labeled me so how am I supposed to see her in the future Once she starts telling others about this, my reputation will be ruined!”

I said weakly, “Auntie Lan will not tell others.

She doesnt meet outsiders and she is not one to bring up others privacy.”

“Then, how did you get to this conversation about my sexual orientation with her” Tong Le demanded.

“I have to beat you today or else youll never learn! You used your own uncle to save your own hide.

How can you” He walked around to bed to come at me.

I jumped onto the bed in fright.

“Little uncle, I was wrong! I wont do it again!”

“Again Nanxing, are you crazy Do you think youll have the chance to do this again” Tong Le pointed at me angrily.

Ah~ Why did this happen to me~

“Jing Tian, Im sorry.

I didnt mean to do this on purpose.

I had no choice! I had no idea why I said something like this.

It just popped out of my mouth.” I pleaded to gain sympathy.

“That is not an excuse!” The two yelled at me.

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I sat down in bed and wept.

“Then what can I do I tried to explain but Auntie Lan refused to believe me.”

My tears effectively quenched their fury.

Tong Le sighed and turned to Jing Tian.

“How about you go and explain this to her again”

Jing Tian glared at him.

“She refuses to believe me! She only believes what she wants to believe!”

“See, I told you.” I quickly chimed in.

“Shush!” They both yelled at me again.

I pursed my lips and looked at them sadly.

Jing Tian said, “The only solution is for me to marry you now and let her see that I love women!”

Oh, that explains why he was acting so strange earlier…

Tong Le looked at me with helplessness.

He waved at me.

“This is your trouble so you should fix it.

I cant help you.

Jing Tian, since youre here, we need to continue our talk.

Well leave this girl here to reflect on her mistake.”

He pulled Jing Tian out of the room.

Jing Tian glared at me and followed Mr.

Tong Le out of the room resentfully.

I looked at the open door in a daze. Thats it They let me off It was over I thought they would burn down the house with me in it.

Did they leave so easily

After a long time, I tiptoed out of bed.

I ran to the door and poked my head out carefully.

I looked around and there was no one in the corridor.

I exhaled, closed the door, and returned to my room.

That was terrifying!

I didnt expect things to get exposed so quickly! I thought I could clear the air with Auntie Lan before things got out of hand.

For some reason, Gu Yan had such an easy time fooling Auntie Lan but I couldnt.

I held my head in frustration.

My little uncle said this is my fault and I have to fix it.

He was right, I couldnt make them explain the situation because it would only make things worse.

Any explanation from them wouldnt be bought by Auntie Lan.

I climbed back into bed.

Even in my dream, Jing Tian was scared away by me.

Early the next morning, I was woken up by my phone.

I grabbed my phone and realized it was not the alarm but a call from Auntie Lan.

I woke up instantly.

“Auntie Lan, what happened” I adjusted my voice to make it sound like I didnt just wake up.


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