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Chapter 307: Return

“Nanxing, did Jing Tian go to your house yesterday night to look for your little uncle I asked him about it yesterday but he refused to admit they have a relationship! If there is nothing there, why would he go to find your little uncle in the middle of the night They were alone with each other and youre telling me theyre not a couple Do they think Im that dumb Nanxing, you have to help me capture him!” Auntie Lan hung up in an angry huff.

My mouth hung open.

I closed my mouth eventually and accidentally bit on my tongue.

Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes.

I rushed out of my bedroom.

My little uncle and Jing Tian exited the gym.

They were in tracksuits and their sweat glistened on their muscular bodies.

They looked up at me and huffed indignantly.

I swallowed before going back to my room to hide.

Thankfully Auntie Lan did not come in person or else it would have been worse!

I fired a message to Auntie Lan.

“Auntie Lan, Sister Li told me that they were in a video conference with a foreign company until morning and then they left for their respective companies.

I will come to accompany you for dinner after I get off school tonight.” Then I quickly threw the phone away like it was burning me.

Its true that you need ten lies to cover up for one!

This was such a headache!

After comforting Auntie Lan, I hurried to university.

Then I headed to the hospital to visit Jing Ni.

It was early summer and the afternoon sun was bright.

Jing Ni was a lot thinner compared to half a year ago.

Originally she had some baby fat but now she had an oval-shaped face that every woman envied.

Her thinness accentuated her facial features.

She looked prettier than before.

She had undergone a transformation.

Her lashes flickered.

Then her eyes slowly opened.

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I didnt dare to move.

I looked at her quietly because I couldnt sure if she would still scream when someone touched her.

Jing Ni blinked before she turned to me.

I smiled at her.

“Nanxing” She called out to me softly.

My eyes were a little wet.

“Jing Ni, youre finally awake.

Do you feel uncomfortable, do you want me to get the doctor” I still didnt dare approach her.

I wanted her to have enough space.

She struggled to sit up and I involuntarily reached out to help her.

She froze and I quickly withdrew my hands.

I pretended to take a pillow and placed it behind her back.

Her gaze was dull as she leaned on the bed and looked around.

“Nanxing” She called me.

“Yes, Im here.” I moved to stand before her.

She reached out to grab my hands which were hanging by my side.

She slowly pressed them against her face.

My heart was filled with relief.

“Nanxing, Ive missed you all so much.” She said.

“Ni Ni.” I leaned closer and hugged her.

She cried.

I patted her back.

“Everything is alright now.

Youre back home.”

Jing Ni was discharged and I drove her home.

She wanted to return to the small home she shared with her mother.

It was a house she bought with her own money.

It was a symbol of her independence and separation from the Jing family.

Everything was the same when we arrived.

Auntie Bai Rui was ready with the food.

Auntie Bai Rui almost broke down after she found out what had happened to her daughter.

As we regretted our decision of telling her, Auntie Bai Rui rallied herself and became Jing Nis biggest supporter.

When Jing Ni was at her weakest, she had her mother by her side.


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