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I took out a wet tissue from my backpack.

I wiped down their tombstone while casually having a chat with my parents.

“What kind of person did you want me to be when I grow up I feel like I havent lived up to your expectation.

But I will do my best.

Hopefully when we see each other, you wont blame me for not working hard enough.

Honestly, I dont even know what kind of life I should aim for myself.

“For now, I am trying my best to recover my childhood memory.

But I dont really know how to go about it.” I wiped away the dust on their picture and I swore they eyes warmed further.

I sighed as I was reminded of a Chinese childrens song. A motherless child is rootless!

Suddenly, footsteps came from before me.

It was not Qing Ming Festival so I didnt expect someone to come tomb-sweeping.

I looked up in confusion.

From the top of the stairs, 3 men in black walked down.

The leading man met my gaze and he was clearly startled.

He looked about the same age as Jing Tian, less than 30.

He looked handsome and dashing, but not as handsome and dashing as Jing Tian.

Then again, no men would be as perfect as Jing Tian.

I held his gaze fearlessly.

The man surprised me by walking towards me.

He glanced at my parents tombstones and then bowed 3 times.

I was flustered.

As my parents daughter, what should I do

He looked at me and smiled.

“You look just like your mother.” Then he turned to leave.

It took some time for me to process what he said.

I quickly jumped up and shouted at his back, “Hey, do you know my mother”

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He didnt turn around.

He just waved his right hand and strode ahead.

Instead his two bodyguards turned back to glare at me for my disrespect.

I glanced at my parents and soon chased after the man. Who is this man! I have no memory of this man in both of my lifetimes.

I hurried to him and blocked his way.

I looked up and asked, “Do you know my parents”

His two bodyguards immediately moved to hold me back.

The man though smiled.

Then he looked deeply at me, “Do you know who I am”

I thought about it.

“It doesnt matter who you are, I just want to know more about my mother.”

The man chuckled.

“It doesnt matter who I am Little girl, youre really interesting.”

I was about to speak when his expression changed.

He grabbed me and pulled me to the ground.

I was caught by surprise and tumbled on someones grave.

Dirt fell all over my body. Oh my God, Im sorry.

I didnt intend to disturb you!

Before the thought formed in my mind, I heard the man whisper urgently, “Dont move and stay down!”

Then, I heard gunshots.

The 3 men moved swiftly and used the tombstones as cover.

I saw the man closest to me pulled out a gun from his coat.

My heart raced involuntarily.

The man suddenly turned to smile at me, “Little girl, youre quite courageous.

You have inherited that strong heart from your mother.

Hide there and dont move.

Only move when you cannot hear any sound.”

Then he bent low and rushed out gun slinging.

His two bodyguards followed closely, providing him with cover.

I looked at them with shock as some intermittent images flashed through my mind.

“Nan Xing, stay here and dont move.

Wait for daddy to come and pick you up!”

“Nan Xing, you must be obedient.

Remember that mommy loves you!”

“Nan Xing, my baby!”

“Nan Xing, Nan Xing, daddys Back!”

“Nan Xing, daddy and mommy Love You!”

“Nan Xing, come to mommy Quickly!”

A lot of voices rushed into my ears, some of them familiar, some not.

I subconsciously covered my ears.

My head pounded and my heart raced harder.

My breath caught in my throat and I curled up behind the tombstone, unable to move.

After who knew how long, my heart returned to normal.

By then the gunshots had died down.

The voices in my ears also gradually receded.

My entire body was drenched in sweat and my hair was grimy.

I stood up and moved with difficulty back to my parents grave.

This time, my tears fell.

“Mom… Dad…” I heard their voices! They said they love me! They didnt abandon me!


Even though I hadnt remembered any specific scenario, I managed to hear my parents in my mind.

I heard them telling me that they love me.

That was going to be my motivation to keep on fighting.

After I returned to the old house, I bathed and laid in bed.

My body was drained but my mind was blasting on all cylinders.

I finally found the key that could open the door to my memory–Gunshots.

I remembered the servants of Nan Family saying that I was present when the accident happened to my parents..

I was traumatized and it was why I was so stupid.


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