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Chapter 331: Boredom

Translator: Lonelytree

Jing Nis incident was a close call.

In the end, it was Jing Tian who settled the matter.

Since this was an underworld problem, and Jing Ni was his niece, it was perfectly reasonable for him to stand up for her.

With the disappearance of the Shi Family, theengagement between my little uncle and Jing Ni was no longer necessary.

Suddenly there was a rumor in the underworld that their engagement had resolved amicably.

My little uncle was single again, and he immediately attracted the attention of many single females.

Instantly, many families came to visit us.

The door of our house was about to fall off its hinges from the number of visitors we had.

I sighed as I looked at my business partners, the former candidates for my little aunt.

They were both businesswomen.

They were immersed in work and became workaholics.

If it wasnt for Sky Citys name and our steady stream of clients, I was afraid I wouldnt have enough jobs for them.

The money in our account grew.

I left the money management to Mai Qi.

She had a strong business and investment acumen.

She could always use the money to generate more money.

“Girls, will you tell me if youve received a signal that Earth is going to go extinct” About a week later, I picked a time when Lu Yan wasnt around to ask them.

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Mai Qi ignored me, her fingers dancing on the keyboard.

Jing Ni was kinder because she turned to me.

“Nanxing, have you finished your work The stuff that was assigned to you If youre done, then you should hand them over to Mai Qi so she can process them.

You shouldnt waste time on this nonsense.

We have a lot of contracts this month.

Your task is to sort out the order of our clients, okay”

“Okay, fine, fine.” I sighed.

Mai Qis told Jing Ni without even stopping her work, “Why did you stop to respond to her If she continues to slack off, well kick her out of the company!”

I was speechless.

“I am worried about you! As the boss, I appreciate your work attitude; but as your friend, I hope you two can steal some breaks here and there.

Stop and smell the flowers, right”

The two raised their eyes to look at me.

Then, they lowered their eyes to look at their computers.

“Tsk, am I talking to a wall” I was a little distressed.

The two of them tacitly moved away from me.

Just as I was about to say something, Lu Yan pushed the door open and entered.

I turned my smiling face to her.

“Youre back”

Lu Yan was also very surprised.

“You guys are here too I thought you guys already went home.”

I chuckled and didnt reply.

Nowadays, whenever we returned home, we would be grabbed by Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui to test out their new recipes, to join their gardening, to help them pick out clothes, and so on.

We would sit there like three little ducks, our heads swinging to the left or the right.

When needed, we would have to nod too.

It was like our roles were reversed.

The three of us would be taking care of the two of them! We would not be allowed to go back home until Auntie Lan was appeased.

This was why we didnt go home that day.

Even theparents needed to come out and take a breather.

“Why are you back so early today” I asked Lu Yan.

Lu Yans expression was curious.

“Oh, I just quit my job.”

I said, “Thats not bad.

Dont tire yourself out.

Your brothers can look after themselves now.

Dont push yourself too hard.”

Lu Yan looked at us and suddenly said, “I want to go back to the Gu family.”

The three of us raised our heads and looked at Lu Yan in shock.

After she got the first sentence out, Lu Yan found it easier to continue.

She looked at us and said firmly..

“I need to go back to reclaim and find my identity.”



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