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Chapter 333: Help

Translator: Lonelytree

Lu Yans gaze gradually became resolute.

“Even though we knew that she lied to us, we chose to forgive her.

However, she never wanted to let us live.

In that case, my brothers and I cant just sit there and wait for death to come.”

I looked at Lu Yan and thought for a moment.

“Do you want us to bring you to the places Master Gu Er frequents”

Lu Yan nodded, her eyes clear and bright.

“And then” I asked.

Lu Yans expression was very serious.

“Nanxing, what happens after that will depend on fate.

We can only do our best and leave the rest to God.”

I nodded.


We will think of a method.

As you said, we will do our best and leave the rest to fate.”

Lu Yan nodded.

“Nanxing, no matter what happens in the future, youll always be my brothers and my savior!”

I waved my hand.

“Theres no need to take it so seriously.

Were friends, so if I can help, of course, Ill help.”

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Lu Yan bit her lip.

“Okay, Ill remember this forever in my heart.”

After Lu Yan left, the three of us were quite speechless.

Jing Ni was the first to speak, “Is it me, or does the whole story feel very far-fetched”

Mai Qi smiled, “Oh, my dear sweet and silly girl.

Even you notice how far-fetched this whole incident is.

Then there is clearly a problem here!”

Jing Ni hit Mai Qi jokingly.

Mai Qi always saw Jing Ni as a sweet and silly girl.

Jing Ni did not like that label, but she indeed lacked an astuteness when it came to sensing other peoples evil intentions.

However, I felt that she was already improving.

“Why do you think the story is far-fetched”

Jing Ni thought about it.

“On the surface, Ye Qian share a friendly relationship with us.

In fact, Ye Qian appears to have a good relationship with everyone.

She is everyones big sister and treats you and Mai Qi quite well.

Ye Qian is very good at these things.

No matter what we really think about her, at least from the perspective of an outsider, Ye Qian has been treating us very well.”

Mai Qi nodded and gave Jing Ni a thumbs up.

“Thats very insightful! Thats indeed one of Ye Qians biggest abilities.”

I gestured for Jing Ni to continue.

“Basically Lu Yan is going to challenge Ye Qian.

From her perspective, we should be good friends with Ye Qian, so why is she telling us”

Mai Qi and I shared a smile, and we said in unison.

“Not bad.

Youve improved!”

Jing Ni huffed and then glared at us.

Mai Qi chuckled and said, “Alright, we wont tease you anymore.

Nanxing, I agree with Jing Ni.

What do you think Lu Yan is up to Do you think she is testing us”

I leaned against the back of the chair.

My gaze was fixated on nothing.

After thinking for a moment, I said, “I believe she has confirmed she is the Gu Familys daughter, but how is she going to prove that.

I have no clue.

As for our involvement… I agree with you.

She is testing us to see which side were on.

Based on my observation of Lu Yan, she is the kind of person who takes one step after thinking three steps ahead.

She will have a backup plan no matter the path we take.”

Mai Qi lowered her head in deep thought.

“If we choose to tell Ye Qian, Lu Yan will tear down all pretenses with Ye Qian and bring it up to Master Gu Er.

At the same time, she will drag us down in one fell swoop.

If we dont tell Ye Qian and choose to help her, she will approach Master Gu Er sooner than otherwise.

Lu Yan will owe us a favor and nothing more.”

Other than that, there was no other possibility.

“So, are we going to help her or not” Jing Ni asked.

Mai Qi stretched, “Of course, we are.

Why not I love to watch the world burn.”

“But how” Jing Ni asked again.

Mai Qi looked at me.

“That will depend on what Nanxing can think of.”

I laughed.

“My dear princess, how can you be so irresponsible throwing the job to me like that”

Mai Qi giggled, “Well, Nanxing is the smartest among us.

This should be a very simple job for you..

Come up with something soon.

Give Ni Ni and I this opportunity to learn from you!”


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