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Chapter 356: Interrogation

Translator: Lonelytree

“I ran into Gu Nian.

He was the one who told me Lu Yan took a bullet for Master Gu Er.” I explained.

Mai Qi gave me a thumbs up.

“What a talent.”

Jing Ni said, “So we dont need to do anything else, right”

I sat down on the chair.

“Actually, now that I think about it, Lu Yan and Ye Qian are quite similar.”

The two of them nodded.

Jing Ni said, “Perhaps its their similar background.

They had lived together before, so they knew each other well.

So their mindsets are quite similar.”

Mai Qi said bluntly, “No, thats not true.

Not everyone who lives together will become like each other.

Instead of saying they have influenced each other, its more like theyre the same kind of people in the first place.

Now, due to a conflict of interest, theyve become enemies.

Theyre able to tell what the other is thinking because theyre cut from the same cloth.

Unlike the three of us, we cant even tell what theyre going to do next.”

I shrugged, “Regardless, that doesnt stop us from observing.

Well just wait and see.”

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It was better to be prepared.

However, God likes to give people surprises.

We hadnt decided on whether to visit Lu Yan, but Lu Yan had already taken the initiative to see us.

She still looked the same as the girl from our dorm, but there was also something different about her.

“Nanxing, I heard you guys are injured! What happened Our dorms Feng Shui must be horrible this year.” Lu Yans tone was laced with pride.

Then again, getting injured for Master Gu Er is something to be proud of because her life would be smooth-sailing from now on.

We exchanged pleasantries and talked about some irrelevant topics.

The atmosphere was harmonious since we were roommates.

While we were chatting, two knocks came on the door.

I announced, “Come in!”

A person flew in and fell with his face flat on the ground.

His hands were tied behind his back, so after he fell, he struggled to get up.

The people who came in after he was all familiar faces, Master Gu Er, Ye Qian, Gu Nian, Gu Yan, and Jing Ning, whom we hadnt seen in a long time.

There were also bodyguards from the Gu Family.

They surrounded Master Gu Er to protect him.

Lu Yans expression shifted.

She uttered in a low voice, “Master Gu Er, are you looking for me This is Nanxings ward.

We better go back to my ward.”

Jing Ning sneered.

“What a coincidence.

Why do we always run into you people whenever something bad happens You have the presence to cause an entire country to fall!”

I retorted, “Youre right.

Some people are walking bad luck charm.

Nothing good happens whenever they appear.

To think they have the gall to blame others!”

Jing Nings expression changed.

“Master Gu Er, you need to investigate this issue carefully.

I believe this matter has something to do with them!”

I sneered.

“How arrogant.

Young Master Jing, what does this have to do with you anyway Who are you to decide whom Master Gu Er wishes to investigate”

Ye Qian pulled Jing Ning back before he could say anything else.

“Jing Ning, shush! We better listen to Master Gu Er!”

Ye Qian pretended not to see me.

I understood why.

They were here for Lu Yan.

Gu Yan stood beside Master Gu Er with an arrogant expression.

She glanced at the man who tried to stand up but was kicked back down by the guards.

“Gu Yan, are you proud of what youve done”

Lu Yans face was paler than paper.

She didnt look at the man on the floor but directly at Master Gu Er.

“Master Gu Er, what is the meaning of this”

Gu Yan answered, “What is the meaning of this Dont tell us you dont know this man!”


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