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Chapter 361: Support

“If you hadnt taken a bullet for me, you wouldnt have seen that invisible tattoo either.

So, Lu Yan, you have to believe me! Im really your father, your biological father!” Master Gu Er was anxious because Lu Yan didnt seem to trust him.

I coughed.

“Excuse me.” Everyone turned to me.

“Master Gu Er, this is your familys private matter.

Shouldnt you find a place with better privacy Even Gu Yans ward is better than here, right Personally, I am not surprised Lu Yan cant accept this truth.

She is an orphan.

Ever since she started school, she had to pay student loans while working extra jobs.

“According to what we know, Lu Yan has to work two jobs on top of studying hard.

She grew up in hardship.

Without the Gu Family, she has made a good life for herself.

She is outstanding, right, Master Liu Shes your assistant, so you should know.”

Gu Nian couldnt help but nod.

I smiled.

“So why dont you move this conversation to somewhere more private.

That way, outsiders like us wouldnt be in the way.” I gestured at the door.

Master Gu Er nodded.

“Yes, Nanxing is right! Nanxing, thank you!” I believed he must be delirious with joy to actually thank me.

Gu Nian was the one who took charge of the situation.

He told Lu Yan gently, “Lu Yan, lets move to your ward first.” He ordered Master Gu Ers bodyguard.

“Take Mr.

Si Nan with us.

Look after him.”

Master Gu Er immediately added, “Yes, do as Master Liu says.

Bring Mr.

Si Nan home and take good care of him.” He turned to Lu Yan, “Hes your friend, right Dont worry, Daddy will take good care of him!”

Si Nan refused to leave with the bodyguard.

He looked at Lu Yan and cried out for her, “Sister, Sister…”

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Lu Yan walked over silently and personally helped Si Nan up.

She hugged him with one hand and said gently, “Dont be afraid.

Sister is here.”

Then, she grabbed Si Nans hand.

“Come with Sister.

Well go to my ward.”

As everyone walked out, Jing Ni suddenly shouted, “Lu Yan, even without any family background, youre already the best version of yourself.

Lu Yan, no matter what, were still your roommates!”

Lu Yan turned around and bowed to us.

“Thank you! Meeting you guys is the greatest fortune of my life!”

Jing Ning turned around and glared at Jing Ni.

Jing Ni actually smiled at him.

After they left, Mai Qi gave Jing Ni a thumbs up.

“Ni Ni, youre too awesome.

With just one sentence, youve offended Jing Ning, Gu Yan, and Ye Qian.”

I patted her head.

“Stop kidding.

Youre making it sound like theyll let us be if we didnt say anything.”

Jing Ni smiled faintly.

“Are you scared”

Mai Qis eyes widened.

“Scared Why should I be scared Am I that easily scared Hmph!”

Jing Ni and I laughed.

But I was telling the truth.

If you showed weakness, your enemy wouldnt show mercy, and they would only bully your harder.

So why not stand up for yourselves and fight fairly

Lu Yan had achieved a complete victory even though she had not done anything.

We were impressed.

She was smart and resourceful.

In terms of being calculative, Lu Yan was not inferior to Ye Qian.


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