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Chapter 373: Regret

Jing Nis gaze towards Nanyang softened.

Mai Qi sighed, “As expected, Nanxing, youre still a master with words.”

I glared at them.

“Nanyang, can you tell me what your plan really is And who supplied you with it” I looked at Nanyang calmly.

Nanyang avoided my gaze.

She stubbornly said, “Nanxing, I know you.

You will never understand my plan.

If I were to die now, youd take care of my child.

I trust you with my child, but if the situation is reversed, youll never trust me with anything.”

I nodded.

“Youre right.

You know yourself very well.”

Nanyang didnt mind my sarcasm.

“So, I dont really need to beg you.

I only need to focus on the plan.”

Jing Ni had to ask, “What is your plan Are you seriously going to seek death and bring Jing Ning and Ye Qian down with you”

Mai Qi shook her head and sighed.

“Dont be silly.

What are you thinking Is it worth dying for them Besides, they wont fall for your plan.

They cherish their lives too much.

They will not be drawn into your trap.”

Nanyang revealed a strange smile.

“They will have no choice.”

The three of us were stunned.

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“Nanyang, what is your plan” I asked with nervousness.

Nanyangs smile faded.

“Nanxing, this life is too hard.

If theres a next life, I hope to be a bird to fly freely in the fly.

When Im tired of flying, Ill find a place to rest.

Ill spend my days singing, jumping around, and catching insects.

Being a human is too tiring.

Ive had enough.”

“Nanyang! What is your plan!” I pressed.

Nanyang was acting too strangely.

Nanyang shook her head slightly.

Her gaze fell on the clock on the opposite wall, and she said tiredly, “Im drained.

Let me sleep.

Ill tell you everything after I wake up, okay”

I was speechless.

“Okay, you should rest.

Well go and see the child.”

I knew it was pointless to keep pressing.

We walked towards the exit.

At the last moment, I turned around.

I saw Nanyang smiling at me.

The smile was gentle and affectionate.

It was a friendly smile that I had never seen before.

My heart skipped a beat for no reason.

I had a very bad feeling.

Lu Yan was waiting outside Nanyangs ward.

She came up to us and said, “Hows Nanyang I just went to see the baby.

Shes very cute.

The doctor said shed be fine.

Shell be out in another two to three weeks.

Then, shell be reunited with her mother.”

I really wanted to reach out to pull back her smile to reveal the dark intentions underneath.

Regardless, we went to the pediatrics ward.

There were many incubators, and in each lived a baby.

Some of them were crying, and others were giggling.

Only Nanyangs daughter was lying there quietly.

For some reason, my heart soured.

Would this girl grow up to resent being born Her future would be filled with suffering.

Our hearts were heavy.

Suddenly, a young nurse ran down the corridor.

A doctor loudly reprimanded, “Nurse! Dont you know you shouldnt be running in the pediatrics ward!”

The young nurse stopped in her tracks, and she mumbled.

“Sorry, doctor! But a woman from the OBG Department just jumped off the building.

The staff is being mobilized.”

The doctor and the three of us were shocked.


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