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Chapter 374: Help

Translator: Lonelytree

I had a bad feeling about this.

I looked at Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

Then, the three of us started running.

Nanyang was lying silently on the hospital lawn.

Her blood pooled around her.

It was a ghastly sight.

The doctors, nurses, security guards, and police came one after another.

Nanyang was carried away.

The scene was quickly cleaned up after the photos were taken.

We were at a hospital.

This was a public place.

No matter how prominent the person was when they were alive, their traces would be cleaned up instantly as if nothing had happened.

After all, the public still needed to carry on with their lives.

It didnt make sense to stop the world from spinning for the sake of one person.

I didnt like Nanyang, and she knew that.

For as long as I could remember, Nanyang was always trying to find ways to bully me and make me suffer.

She took away everything that was rightfully mine.

In my previous life, she was one of the reasons I chose to jump into the sea.

I couldnt forgive her for what she did.

We were related by blood, but blood-kin was nothing before our enmity.

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However, I found my heart to be hollow when I saw her dead body.

Since my rebirth, I had worked so hard that Nanyang posed no threat to me anymore.

We were like heaven and earth.

Her little tricks barely bothered me anymore.

However, I never wanted her to die, even when my hatred towards her was the thickest.

The three of us returned to Huan Yuan in silence.

To my surprise, Auntie Yu, the Nan Familys housekeeper, was waiting in the living room.

Aunt Yu stood immediately when she saw me.

“Second Miss.”

I was so unused to the title of second miss that I didnt realize she was talking to me.

I turned to look at Jing Ni instead.

By then, Auntie Yu had already rushed over to kneel before me.

“Second Miss!” She hugged my leg and started to cry.

I was shocked and quickly hauled her up.

“Auntie Yu, are you doing You need to get up.

We can talk this out properly.”

Mai Qi and Jing Ni moved to help me.

We half-pushed and half-shoved Auntie Yu to the sofa.

Aunt Yu cried uncontrollably.

I had no choice but to wait for her to calm down.

I had Sister Li serve some tea.

Sister Li couldnt bear to watch this fruitless drama any longer, so she said, “You said you have to wait for second miss to return because you have something of life and death to discuss with her.

But now that the Miss is home, all you know to do is to cry! Can you please stop crying Explain the matter to us so we wouldnt be so anxious!”

Only then did Aunt Yu gradually stop crying.

Sister Li sighed and turned to bring some tea for Auntie Yu.

It helped Auntie Yu calm down.

Eventually, Auntie Yu managed to stop crying.

However, the moment she spoke, tears fell again.

“Second Miss… The Eldest Miss… Shes gone.”

I nodded.

“We just came from the hospital.

Before we left, the police were contacting Jing Ning.”

Auntie Yus tears wouldnt stop.

“Second M-Miss, Eld-Eldest Miss, place some-something with m-me.

She to-told me to come fi-find you.

On-only Second Miss ca-can know about the-these things.”

I frowned because it was hard to understand Auntie Yu through her tears.

Auntie Yu took out a journal from her backpack with trembling hands.

“Second Miss, Eldest Miss told me to deliver this to you.

I didnt expect her to leave so soon….”


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