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Chapter 375: Storm

Auntie Yu handed me the journal.

“At the start of this year, Eldest Miss fired me for not doing a good job.

I was confused, but as I was sent packing, eldest miss sneaked over to tell me in secret that she had no choice.

Someone wanted to harm her, and she didnt want the loyal helpers of the Nan Family to get into trouble because of her.

“So she had been using excuses to send all of us away.

She slipped me a lot of money and told me to return to the countryside.

She said she would call me back when it was safe to return.

I waited for her, but I only got a message and a package.”

I was shocked.

If Auntie Yu was right, then Nanyang had been planning her suicide since the beginning of the year.

But that was right around her wedding.

She would be happiest carrying her child, so why would she think of suicide

No, it was not that.

I slowly calmed down.

She was planning ways to deal with Ye Qian!

It was after she lost that she resorted to suicide.

Auntie Yu knelt again as I didnt react.

“Second Miss, Eldest Miss is forced to death! You have to avenge her!”

I placed my hand on Nanyangs journal and caressed it.

The journal was like a Pandoras Box.

I didnt want to open it.

Auntie Yus words also made me apprehensive.

I reached out to help her up.

“Auntie Yu, you need to get up.

Let me go and find out more about big sisters incident first.

You should go back to the Nan Family to look after Eldest Aunt during these trying times.”

Auntie Yu became anxious.

“Second Miss, do you still hold grudges against Eldest Miss Eldest Miss was quite insensible when she was young, she did many bad things to you, but shes already dead! Second Miss, please forgive and help her! She cant die just like that! Second Miss, you are her blood-related sister.

Other than you, no one else will help her.

Those people from the Jing Family will never help her.

No one there treats her with sincerity.”

I chuckled sadly, “Auntie Yu, you know how Big Sister had treated me, so how can I not bear any grudges Plus, since her own husband and in-law wouldnt help her, who am I to interfere”

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Auntie Yu was stumped.

In desperation, she kowtowed at me.

I sighed and pulled her up.

Sister Li moved over to help and whispered, “Sister, you should come with me.

Let the young misses discuss what to do for now.

Youll only achieve the opposite effect if you continue to push Miss.

Listen to me, and come with me.”

Sister Li dragged Auntie Yu away.

Finally, the three of us had some peace, and we sighed.

Mai Qi suddenly exclaimed as she glanced at her phone, “Oh my God! Look at the news!”

Jing Ni and I took out our phones.

It was filled with news of Nanyangs suicide.

“The eldest young madam of the Jing Family committed suicide due to post-partum depression.”

“The Jing Familys eldest young madam was pushed to death by her in-laws after giving birth to a daughter and not a son.”

“The young master of a wealthy family cheated on his wife while she was pregnant, causing her to commit suicide by jumping off a building after giving birth.”

“The unfaithful young master fell in love with a female CEO, causing his wife to jump off the hospital after giving birth to a daughter.”

“Female CEO is a homewrecker.

She caused the young masters wife to kill herself!”

Even though the headlines didnt mention any names, the content was getting more explosive.

This was a tactic normally used by the media.

They didnt dare to offend the powerful individuals directly, so they used this kind of roundabout method.

This kind of reporting caught the publics attention easily.

Curiosity would drive people to investigate the truth of the matter.

This time, the truth was not that hard to find.

In todays technological era, the smallest quake could cause the largest tsunami.

Nanyang used her life to stir up the whole internet.

She sent the Jing Family and Ye Qian to the center of the storm.


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