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Chapter 377: Challenge

Translator: Lonelytree

“Jing Ning, I dont think youre really aware of the situation.

Were not in the same boat.

You need to settle your own problem and not rely on someone else.

This is none of my problems, and I am not obliged to help you save anyone!”

I hung up the phone without hesitation.

Jing Ni looked at me with a burning gaze.

“He wants you to take the blame”

I nodded.

“So that he can bail Ye Qian out.”

Jing Ni chuckled coldly, “They wish! In his dream! Ill make them pay for even suggesting something so ludicrous!” Jing Ni grabbed her computer.

I sighed.

We were both Jing Tians students.

In fact, we could be considered his disciples.

I knew what Jing Ni wanted to do when she took out her laptop.

“Jing Ni, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

You need to calm down.” I pleaded gently.

“Im very calm.” Jing Ni didnt even raise her head.

Her fingers moved quickly on the keyboard.

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I shot Mai Qi a look.

Mai Qi went to grab Jing Nis hands and said sweetly, “My dear, we better listen to Nanxing first.

Youre someone who can move through the darknet freely.

Its easy for you to take these people down, so why hurry it Let them run free for a few days first.”

Jing Ni stopped.

“Nanxing, dont think about being a saint! I will not forgive them!”

Jing Nis heart had never healed.

Honestly, I was in the same boat as her.

I nodded.

“Dont worry.

Im not a saint.

My forgiveness doesnt come easily.

A tooth for a tooth is my life principle.

I told you to calm down because we cannot fall into the trap.”

Jing Ni fell silent.

Mai Qi said with a smile.

“Those two sisters are truly birds of a feather.

I was expecting them to turn on each other, but instead, they have turned the fire to us.

How brilliant! Neither of them wants to be your enemy, so they try to make the other your enemy.

Neither of them is going to lose anything once you help them vanquish the other.

This plan is brilliant!”

Jing Ni grasped Mai Qis meaning, and she finally calmed down.

“Nanxing, we need to pull you out of this first.” She glanced at the journal on the table.

“It looks like Nanyang chose to trust you in the end.

Why dont we see what she has to say”

Jing Ning called again.

“Nanxing, how dare you hang up on me!”

I retorted.

“And I will hang up on you again!”

“Do that, and Ill lock up your two subordinates for the rest of their lives! Why dont you try me!” His tone was extremely unyielding.

I chuckled.


Wait for the click!” I could sense his ferocious expression through the phone.

I was waiting for his follow-up because I knew there were others around him.

As expected, Jing Ning soon calmed down.

“Nanxing, we can talk this out.

We need to come up with a plan so we all can bow out of this safely together.

What do you say”

It must have been difficult for Jing Ning to employ this tone.

He was used to being so high and mighty around me.

Then again, the man was willing to do anything for Ye Qian.

“Jing Ning, youre in deeper trouble than I am.

I can escape far easier than you do, dont you think Furthermore, its easy for you to extricate yourself.

Just tell the media that youre not familiar with Ye Qian, and you two are just business partners.

Why come to beg me” My tone was light.

I was familiar with Jing Nings personality.

It was easy for me to push his buttons.

Sure enough, I heard his breathing quicken again.


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