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Chapter 383: Resources

Translator: Lonelytree

I looked at the two of them and smiled.

“The more I say, the more mistakes Ill make.

Jing Ning is trying his best to clear up Ye Qians name.

Perhaps that is our opening”

Their eyes lit up.


We smiled knowingly.

Nanyang had written a lot in her journal, but it was not that useful.

The amount of verifiable information was pitiable.

It was like Auntie Lan said, she was a chess piece when she was alive and a tool when she was dead.

I couldnt even feel sorry for her.

I called Su Qian to arrange for people to protect the child at the hospital.

I also contacted my spy in the Jing Family to pay attention to how they were going to handle the child.

That was all I could do.

The girl was born with this fate.

Then, I focused on another thing that Nanyang brought up, the kidnapping.

It was possible that Nanyang created a whole false story because she was angry at Jing Ning.


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However, there were some kernels of truth in it.

Some of the details matched.

Even though I had no memory of this, I had gleaned some information from Jing Tian and Qu Hao.

As an amnesiac observer, I could be objective.

I was inclined to believe that this incident had something to do with Jing Nings father and his brothers.

There were so many unanswered questions.

What happened to the kidnappers Were they all killed by my eldest uncle No one escaped

Since no one cared, I had to investigate this myself.

I had resources from Dragons Gate, Ardent Flame Alliance, and Sky City.

If the kidnappers were still alive, I would be able to find them.

I planned to do this on my own.

I didnt involve Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

I didnt tell my little uncle and Jing Tian either.

Recently, Jing Tian and my little uncle were busy, engaged in a business war with the company led by Gu Nian.

I couldnt distract them with my personal matters.


I looked at the computer before me, but I didnt know where to start.

Someone had tried really hard to clean out every trace of this incident.

However, I had no idea why.

I held my head with both hands and ruffled my hair.

I didnt know what to do.

I picked up the car keys and decided to go out for some fresh air.

As I started the car, Da Xiong moved to stand before the vehicle.

I sighed and rolled down the window.

Da Xiongs smile was extremely cautious and embarrassed.

He scratched his head.

“Sister Xing, Master Si said that you cant go out alone.”

I leaned against the steering wheel and said to him, “Then why dont you come with me I wouldnt be alone, right Come on.

Im just going for a ride nearby.”


Da Xiong hesitated before opening the passenger door and sitting down.

He fastened the seatbelt and asked, “Sister Xing, why dont I drive”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Brother Xiong, are you that afraid of being my passenger”

Da Xiong hurriedly waved his hand.

“I wouldnt dare!” He chuckled.

“I merely heard that Sister Xing, when youre behind the wheels… You have the affectation of Sky City!”

I was curious.

I asked, “What is the affectation of Sky City”

I stepped on the accelerator, and the car jerked forward.

Da Xiong first leaned forward before he was slammed back into his seat by the seatbelt.

He reached out and grabbed the handle above his head.

He laughed worriedly and said, “Th-this is it..

The four of us often drive in this fashion too.”



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