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Chapter 385: Sad Life

Translator: Lonelytree

Mai Qi sucked on the lollipop in her mouth.

“When Brother Si and Brother Mang were taken by the Shi Family, they were tortured badly.

They could have escaped after the Shi Family fell, but they were willing to submit to the charge and enter prison to be Sky Citys agents on the inside.

Im impressed!”

Jing Ni smiled and said, “Everyone in Sky City is talented.

Only Brother Si and Brother Mang would come up with something like this.

Speaking of, your group of four has their own unique personality and ability.

Brother Hu has been personally trained by Brother Jing and Brother Gao Da.

He is the central pillar of Sky City when were not around.

Brother Xiong is also a wonderful personal bodyguard!”

Da Xiong was embarrassed.

He scratched the back of his head and smiled with great shyness.

I got a preliminary list after half an hour.

I looked through the list carefully before sending it to Qu Hao.

Qu Hao had the fastest way to scan through these people.

I stood up and stretched.

“Hows Nanyangs child”

Jing Ni sighed.

“Shes still in the incubator.

Theres no problem with the hospital fees, but no one from the Jing family has come to visit her.”

“Theyre that cruel”I asked.

Jing Ni nodded.

“Yes, they are.

Eldest aunt isnt too keen to see her since shes a daughter.

Plus, the child was born prematurely.

The Jing Family is worried about her health, and that she will become a burden in the future.”

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“Did you ask the hospital to call them” I asked.

Mai Qi raised her hand.

“I did! The Jing Family said the hospital should only contact them after the child is safely out of the incubator.”

“Who gave that order specifically” I asked.

“Su Qing, Jing Nings mother, and the childs grandmother,” Mai Qi replied.

I sneered, and I understood what Auntie Lan meant.

They were already using the child as bait.

This poor child had to continue her mothers fate to be this familys tool.

“Get someone to take good care of the girl.

Dont let her suffer and be used.

Thats the most we can do for her now.

Ill try to see what I can do later,” I said somewhat helplessly.

Mai Qi sighed and asked not for the first time that day, “Nanxing, are you really going to adopt this child”

I sighed.

“I still think Grandma Lan is the most suitable candidate to look after her,” Jing Ni said.

I didnt look at Jing Ni as I arranged the files on the table.

“No one is suitable at the moment.

Auntie Lan knows that.” I shook my head.

“Earlier, I couldnt believe the Jing Family was behind the kidnapping, but now, I can.

After all, they can do this to a child.”

The human heart was the most difficult to predict.

Rumors surrounding Ye Qian and Jing Ning on the internet became more sensational.

However, the news about Nanyang and me slowly faded away.

This was the result of Mai Qi and Jing Ni joining hands.

The 50 cent army was nothing compared to these two.

In the past, Ye Qian and Jing Nings close relationship was kind of an open secret.

However, since Jing Nings wife, Nanyang, didnt say anything, the media didnt report too much about them.

But this time, Nanyang had used her death to make the loudest accusation on the homewrecker.

When I saw Ye Qian again, she looked much haggard than before.

She looked even worse than when Lu Yan was accepted back into the Gu Family.

I poured a cup of fruit tea for Ye Qian.

“Sister Ye, you dont look too good.”

Ye Qian smiled wryly.

“Nanxing, lets stop talking in circles.

Can you tell your two friends to stop adding fuel to the fire”

I smiled and picked up my teacup to take a sip.

“Sister Ye Qian, thats not right for you to ask that.

I merely dont want to be in the same sinking boat as Jing Ning..

This is merely a self-protective measure.

I am sure you can understand that, right, Sister Ye Qian”


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