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Chapter 386: Talks

Translator: Lonelytree

Ye Qian sighed.

“Nanxing, Ill say it again.

I hope to be your friend.”

I smiled.

“Sister Ye Qian, fate is a very mysterious thing.

Our connection is not harmonious since the first time we met.

I cant really explain why.”

Ye Qian smiled wryly.

“You and Mai Qi werent best of friends when you first met either, but youre such close friends now.

Why cant it happen with us”

I looked at the teapot on the table.

“Thats true.

Mai Qi and I were at each others throats when we first met, but now were so close.

Why do you think that is”

I looked at her with a smile.

She avoided my gaze.

I sighed.

“Sister Ye Qian, you know better than anyone I am the collateral damage in this incident.

However, Jing Ning still wanted to seize this incident to drag me down with him.

He even threatened the lives of my two friends.

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“You know I dont respond well to threats.

If Jing Ning werent so combative, or if you had stood up to clear my name, I would have at least reciprocated with a few kind words of my own.

But since Jing Ning decided it should be a dog-eat-dog world, then Ill have to save myself first.

Sister Ye Qian, you wouldnt blame me, right”

Ye Qian also sighed.

“Nanxing, do you know what a slippery slope is I think I am on one now.

I will hesitate before making any moves because I am afraid.

I am afraid of losing what I have.”

I smiled, “Sister Ye Qian, you are not afraid of losing.

You are afraid of having your effort wasted, and you wouldnt have enough return.”

Ye Qian was at a loss for words.

She averted her gaze.

“Nanxing, I have no choice.

My experience forced me to weigh these things constantly.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have survived until today.” Ye Qians tone was filled with helplessness.

I poured the leftover tea away and prepared another pot.

“Human nature starts with kindness, but that is the hardest thing to preserve.

Furthermore, it is true that one should fear those who have nothing to lose.

Sister Ye Qian, if we were to return to our first meeting, we would have made the same choices, so there is no need for regret.

I respect your choices.

There is no right or wrong either.”

Ye Qians expression was downcast.

“Nanxing, I just want to be your friend.”

I smiled.

“The greedier your heart, the more youll lose.

Look at Mai Qi.

She gained me as a friend, but she lost so many of her friends, she even lost her family.

So why would you want to be my friend”

Ye Qian sighed, “Nanxing, is it only because were on different sides”

I thought for a moment.

“Its more like we see things differently.”

Ye Qian finished her tea.

She stood up and looked at me.

“Nanxing, Im not wrong.”

I looked up and smiled at her.

Ye Qian left.

I looked at her seat and didnt move for a long time.

Ye Qian said that she wasnt wrong.

Then who was wrong

Was it Nanyang Was it Lu Yan

Based on Ye Qians theory, everyone had to make the choices that would enable their biggest chance at survival.

Who wouldnt do their best to survive

But the difference was… Whether youd hurt the innocent in this process.

If a persons survival was based on bringing down another persons right to survive, then how was the former different from an animal

Ye Qian said she did nothing wrong.

Then it would mean Nanyang didnt do anything wrong either.

She used her own life to fight with Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

Lu Yan wasnt wrong either..

She was just taking back what belonged to her.


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