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Chapter 392: Engagement

Translator: Lonelytree

I smiled and nudged her.

“Auntie Lan, you cant say that.

What if theyre being sincere After all, the Jing Family does need a mistress of the house.

You cant just write them off with your intuition.”

Auntie Lan smiled contemptuously.

“I can tell immediately that theyre not sincere.

The Jing Family doesnt have a mistress for years already, and nothing happened.

I know what theyre plotting without even seeing them in person.

Only Jing De can be so idiotic to believe that these people are sincere! Hmph!”

I pursed my lips into a smile.

Old Master Jing was slandered behind his back.

Then again, it was human nature to believe the words of people close to them, especially if the words were nice to the ears.

Auntie Bai Rui sat down opposite us.

“Nanxing, its abnormal for eldest and second sister-in-law to act like this.

I believe they are doing this because of Jing Nings daughter.

If your Auntie Lan had shown an interest in her, they would have come after her; but since she hadnt, Im afraid this is their backup plan.

They will not waste this chance to bring down your Auntie Lan.” Even Auntie Bai Rui could see through these peoples ulterior motives.

“Auntie Lan, then you should just stay here.

This is your sons house so why cant you stay here Just ignore them.

Why be mad at them Well live our lives.” I comforted her.

Instead of smiling like she usually would, Auntie Lan sighed, “Im still worried.”

“Who are you worried about Nanyangs daughter” I probed.

Auntie Lan glared at me.

“Why should I be worried about her Im only worried about my child.

Furthermore, I already have a granddaughter in Jing Ni.

Plus, this girl is my great-granddaughter.

Just the thought of it makes me feel so old.

No, thank you!”

I smiled as I stroked her back.


But Auntie Lan, no matter what age you are, youre always going to be the most beautiful mother, grandmother, and great grandmother!”

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Auntie Lan finally smiled.

Auntie Bai Rui nudged me, and she chuckled.

Internally, I was thinking about how to handle Nanyangs daughter.

I sighed.

This girl had a horrible life ahead of her.

Ever since Lu Yan brought certain matters to the surface, the three of us stopped returning to the dorm.

I reckoned Lu Yan did the same thing.

She was now the legitimate eldest daughter of the Gu family.

Even Gu Yan had to bow down to her.

Lu Yan was no longer the pitiful orphan who had nowhere else but the dorm to return to.

Ye Qian, on the other hand, did something that surprised all of us.

She got engaged to Jing Ning.

Right as the public was berating her for forcing Nanyang to her death, Ye Qian chose to get engaged to Jing Ning.


It looked like Ye Qian was really cornered.

Ye Qian had to find herself a harbor other than the Gu Family to defend herself against Lu Yan.

Then again, I knew Ye Qian had done plenty of weighing in her mind before making this destination.

Jing Ning listened to her every word.

He was her best choice for a husband.

Jing Ning was also the eldest grandson of the Jing Family, the future heir of the Jing Family.

Even though Jing Tian was a threat to Jing Ning, Ye Qian definitely could help ease Jing Tian out of the way.

In addition, Ye Qian had spent twenty years cultivating her connections with the Gu Family.

She wouldnt give it up just like that.

After she was engaged to Jing Ning, Ye Qian wouldnt be abandoned by the Gu Family.

The Gu Family had no choice but to treat Ye Qian better because they couldnt bear to lose their business partner in the Jing Family.

I believed the Gu Family would have preferred Gu Yan to marry into the Jing family.

Unfortunately, Gu Yan was a failure.

Gu Yan wanted to marry Jing Tian, but Jing Tian didnt want her.

Gu Yan couldnt settle for anyone else either.

Therefore, while Ye Qians move was risky, it had a high payoff.


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