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Chapter 393: Clear

Translator: Lonelytree

None of this had anything to do with us.

The three of us were fully focused on preparing for our final exams.

After the exams, Mai Qi and Jing Ni decided to join the global hacker competition.

I followed Jing Tian overseas.

Mai Qi was very dissatisfied that I had chosen Jing Tian over them.

I was very calm in the face of her criticism.

“You two will get first and second place.

Let others get third place.

We should give others some chance.

We shouldnt bully them.”

Jing Ni tutted.

“Nanxing, stop finding excuses.

Just say you want love over friendship.”

Mai Qi pulled Jing Ni away.

“Lets go.

Just leave her be.

We dont need her anyway!”

I snorted, “Of course, you two dont need me.

Youre going to be sisters-in-law soon!” Jing Ni turned to chase after me.

I hid behind Mai Qi.

Mai Qi captured me and allowed Jing Ni to punch my shoulder.

I huffed, “Mai Qi, you traitor.”

Mai Qi laughed.

“I am loyal to my future sister-in-law.”

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Jing Ni patted the back of her hand.

“What nonsense are you talking about”

I laughed, and then the two of them joined me.

I was looking forward to going abroad with Jing Tian.

Auntie Lan was also very happy when she found out.

She personally came over to ask if Mr.

Tong Le was joining us. When she found out Mr.

Tong Le was going to accompany Jing Ni and Mai Qi to another country for the hacker competition, she was over the moon.

She felt like her efforts had worked.

I didnt dare to correct her, and Jing Tian didnt want to waste time explaining the situation to her.

The issue with the Jing Family wasnt yet over.

I heeded Auntie Lans advice and left the child be for now.

She was still in the incubator.

She would be safe temporarily.

After she was discharged, we would know what the other madams at the Jing Family were up to.

The girl had some hardships that she had to endure.

I couldnt block everything for her.

It was better to wait and see.

Furthermore, there was no better solution.

The other Madam Jings were still trying their best to undermine Auntie Lan.

Old Master Jing was a soft-hearted person.

Every few days, he came to Auntie Lans place with complaints from his daughters-in-law.

Every time he was scolded by Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan was very angry.

I couldnt bear to see her like this, so I invited her to join us.

Auntie Lan refused.

“I know Im not their goal.

Its Jing Tian.

They are testing me.

If I insist on staying, they will eventually understand that I have no interest in going to the Jing Family to fight back for power.

“My son is not interested in the fight to be successor either.

After that, they can stop worrying.

Im just afraid that before that, they will cause trouble for Jing Tian.

Jing Tian is not familiar with a womans tactic, and he has never taken these people seriously.

Im afraid for him.”

I was impressed again by Auntie Lans clear analysis.

“Auntie Lan, if only everyone can be as clear-minded as you are.” I hugged her from behind and placed my chin on her shoulder.

Auntie Lan patted my hand.

“Silly child, whats so impressive about me You gain this knowledge through time.

When youre my age, youll naturally understand these things.”

I cocked my head..

“Thats not true!”


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