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Chapter 399: Disorder

Translator: Lonelytree

“Nanxing, I have done nothing wrong.

I need to survive.” Ye Qians pitiful voice rang in my ears.

What a show that was!

Ye Qians survival was always built on another persons destruction.

Fact one: Jing Tian was betrayed.

Fact two: The people who betrayed him were from the Jing Family.

Fact three: The culprit was most definitely Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

However, who had they sold Jing Tian to What did the person want with Jing Tian

I looked around and asked, “Where are we”

Gao Da smiled wryly.

“This is a small hotel in Chinatown.

It used to belong to Ardent Flame Alliance.

However, I cant find any of our people here.

Well only go into radio silence mode when were in extreme danger protocol.

But only Master Qi and I are able to send out that protocol.”

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I looked at him blankly.

“You mean, someone else has disguised as either of you to make everyone disappear”

Gao Da nodded.

“Its not disappearance.

Our people merely go into hiding.

This is to reduce the number of losses.”

“Does this happen often” I asked.

“Of course, not.

In fact, other than the first rehearsal, I dont think this protocol has ever been activated.” Gao Da said.

That made sense.

If they went into hiding every time something happened, why would they join the underworld It was better to live a common life if they were so afraid of danger.

I thought for a while.

“So no one can issue this protocol except you and Jing Tian”

Gao Da nodded.

“Are you sure you didnt do that accidentally” I looked at him.

Gao Da smiled bitterly and reached out to wipe his tired face.

“Young Miss…”

I raised my hand in surrender.

“Then, is there a way to waive this protocol The people cant be in hiding forever, right” If that was the case, this would be disbandment and not a lie-down.

Gao Da was restless, so I didnt want to provoke him further.

“Theres a signal to end the protocol.” Gao Da admitted.

I nodded.

“You havent sent out the signal because you still dont know who issued the protocol in the first place You fear this might be a trap”

Gao Da nodded.

I sighed in relief, “Jing Tian released the protocol.”

Gao Da looked at me.

“How can you tell”

I looked back at him, “Brother Gao Da, thats what youre thinking too, right”

Gao Da didnt answer.

I sighed.

“Only the two of you can release this protocol.

Since you didnt do it, then it has to be Jing Tian.

At least this proves Jing Tian is not in danger.” I muttered.

Gao Das expression was complicated, “Nanxing, thankfully youre here.

Youre right.

I also believe it was Master Qi who released the protocol.

However, I based that on my trust and understanding of Master Qi.

“Nanxing, if you think the same way, then I believe were right.

Yes, Master Qi is safe.

He has to be!”

I shook my head gently.

“Not necessarily.

What if someone forced Jing Tian to issue this protocol”

Gao Da was stunned.

He looked like he was about to cry.

I held my head with both hands.

“Forget it.

We cant be sucked into this whirlpool, or well both die from depression.

Right now, we need to know what had happened to the global hacker competition where my little uncle and my friends are, as well as what had happened back in China.”

Gao Da looked like he had taken a roller-coaster.

That was evident from the changing expressions on his face..


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