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Chapter 403: Saving Lives

Translator: Lonelytree

“Brother Gao Da, go down South First Highway!” Gao Das car swerved and squeezed into the opposite lane.

People cursed and honked.

I collected all the footage I could grab along the way.

Eventually, I captured enough to get the cars license plate number.

It made our job so much easier.

It didnt take much effort to find the group of kidnappers.

They didnt take many precautions because they assumed this was an easy job.

Soon, we arrived at the kidnappers lair.

Brother Gao Da showed off his skill.

Even though he was alone, he took down the group of kidnappers easily.

I pulled the shivering old man out of the cage and led him to our car.

Then, I called Gao Da to retreat.

We used less than thirty minutes to accomplish all these.

We were quick as lightning.

The old man finally got a good look at Gao Da and me.

“Why is it you two Why are you here Wheres Jing Tian”

We were still on the run, so we didnt have time to answer him.

A car was chasing after us.

“Sit tight,” Gao Da warned in a deep voice.

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I reached out to grab the handrail.

Then, I grabbed the old man who had slid down to the ground.

“Hold on tight!”

Old Master Jing was ultimately an experienced businessman.

He soon calmed down.

He stopped pestering us with questions.

He grabbed the handrail and gritted his teeth as the car swayed around.

My despair deepened as the car slowly approached us.

I had no idea what kind of luck I was having.

I was given a second chance at life, but I had to die on a foreign highway

“Nanxing!” Gao Da called out to me.

I retracted my gaze and looked at the calm Gao Da.

His eyes swept through the rearview mirror, and he said in a low voice, “There are two grenades under your seat.

Ill open the trunk in a while.

Throw one out to slow down the chasing car.

I doubt this is the only car chasing after us.

But no matter, the second grenade will act more like a distraction.

When you throw the second grenade, Ill slow down the car.

I need you to grab Old Master Jing and slide down the road.

Theres a forest at ten oclock.

Theres a black car inside the forest.

Drive that car west and find your way to Xing Hai Apartment.

Find Room A on the tenth floor.

The password is Master Qis birthday.

Can you remember that”

I panicked.

“Brother Gao Da, what about you”

He glanced at the car behind him.

“Ill try to meet up with him.” He paused for a moment.

“If Im not there in an hour, release the message of my death on the darknet.

Someone will take over from there.

You know the symbol of Ardent Flame Alliance.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Gao Da said, “Nanxing, grab the grenades!”

I took out the grenades as instructed.

Without turning around, I told Gao Da, “Brother Gao Da, if you dont come back, I will not release any news on the darknet.

Instead, I will use my own method to find Jing Tian.

Well die together!”

Gao Da looked at me from the rearview mirror in shock.

I stared firmly back at him.

“Nanxing, you cant do that! Jing Tian and I will be waiting for you to save us!” I didnt answer him.

Eventually, Gao Da averted his gaze.

“Nanxing, I promise to do my best.

Now, be ready!”

The trunk opened.

“Throw!” I threw out a grenade.

There was an explosion behind us, and the car jolted violently.

As Gao Da anticipated, another car rushed through the thick smoke and flames.

“Okay, now!” Gao Da shouted.

The car behind us skidded to avoid the grenade.

“Nanxing!” Gao Da ordered.

I turned around to hug the old man.

I kicked down the door on his side..


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