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Chapter 407: Old Man

Translator: Lonelytree

The old man looked at me.

“Do you really hate Jing Ning that much”

I looked at him strangely.

The old man sat down cross-legged beside me.

“After you children were rescued, I was so relieved that I didnt ask for any details.

You were all children, and youd forget everything when you grow up.

I was thankful that you were all alive.

“Jing Tian was seriously injured, so I sent him to his mothers to recuperate.

Jing Ning and I spent a long time together.

He said that he liked you, so I decided to make you his fiance.

Who knew you two would end up like this.”

He looked baffled and incomprehensible.

I took a sip of water and rolled my eyes at him.

“Do you care about anything else other than Auntie Lan”

He answered, “Shes the only good thing in my heart.

Nothing else matters.”

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I almost choked on my water.

He was really shameless.

He looked at me.

“Is this really Jing Nings doing”

I sighed.

“Are you still not convinced” I thought for a moment.

“No matter, youll see for yourself soon enough.

Seeing is believing.

Im not a reputable source in your heart.

You wont believe me anyway.

So you should fill up on food and go to rest.

We will need to continue our escape, and we need stamina for that.” Dont argue with a fool, that was what I was thinking.

Instead of wasting time with this stubborn old man, I might as well try to get in touch with our people.

I turned on the computer and glanced at the time.

It has been 40 minutes.

Gao Da, you have to come back!

I continued my search on the darknet.

I was very anxious.

What will I do if Gao Da doesnt come back How will I save Jing Tian Where is safe Who is safe How can I find my little uncle

My heart winced, and my tears fell.

A tissue was passed over to me.

I looked up and saw that it was the old man.

He pushed the tissue towards me again.

I took it and wiped my tears.

The old man sat down beside me.

“I think I might have misunderstood you.”

I glared at him.

What was the point of saying that now

The old man took a sip of water.

“If youre right and Jing Ning is behind this, then his next step will be to go back to China to announce my death, right”

I glanced at him.

He said, “Is there a way for you to help him confirm my death”

I was shocked.

The old man smiled profoundly, “You have to help me protect Xiao Lan.

I cant let them harm her.” I was stunned.

The old man continued, “The best solution now is to lure the enemy in.

The most important thing now is to find Jing Tian and save him.

I have connections here that you can use.

However, I am an old man, and I cant keep on running around.

I have to depend on you.” He reminded me of Jing Tian.

So the old man was not a fool! He was the master of the Jing Family for a reason.

My cell phone suddenly vibrated.

I picked it up in a hurry.

It was another string of numbers sent by Jing Tian.

I immediately deciphered.

Im safe, dont worry!


My eyes instantly filled with tears.

The old man was shocked.

“Girl, whats wrong”

I showed him the decrypted message..

I choked, “Its Jing Tian.

He says hes safe!”


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