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Chapter 412: Meddling

Translator: Lonelytree

I walked up the stairs with my head held high, and my chest puffed out.

There were four bodyguards behind me.

Everyones eyes were on me.

I smiled slightly and walked straight up.

A middle-aged Caucasian man with a full beard sat at the head of the meeting table.

His expression was grave.

Behind him stood two bodyguards.

Opposite the Caucasian man were Jing Ning and Ye Qian.

Jing Nings expression was solemn, while Ye Qians smile was reserved and decent.

There were two contracts on the table between them.

The Caucasian man was hesitant about one of the clauses.

It was why he was so serious.

I had just stepped on the last step when someone moved to block me.

“Miss, Im sorry, but this floor has been reserved.

Please take a seat downstairs.”

His voice immediately attracted everyones attention.

When Jing Ning and Ye Qian saw me, their expressions changed.

I smiled at them and told the Caucasian man, “Mr.

Smith, do you mind adding another potential partner to the negotiating table”

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Smith frowned and politely said, “Miss, Im sorry.

This is a private occasion.”

I smiled.

“I know.


Smith, Im here specifically to discuss a new partnership with you regarding the contract on your table.”

Jing Ning shouted at the bodyguard, “Chase these irrelevant people out now!” Two more bodyguards immediately walked over.

I didnt move.

I told Smith, “Mr.

Smith, before you chase me out, dont you want to hear what I can offer For example, I can help you develop the Chinese market.”


Smiths eyes lit up.

He raised his hand to stop the bodyguards and asked politely, “Miss, which company are you from”

I walked past the bodyguards and walked towards Mr.


I smiled and extended my hand.

“Hello, Mr.


My name is Nanxing, and Im the representative of the Tong Group.

Our CEO, Mr.

Tong Le, is also very interested in your project.

“However, due to some unforeseeable bumps, he is unable to be here right now.

However, Tong Le and I have already communicated with Old Master Jing, and we have reached a consensus to work together.

We didnt expect Young Master Jing to turn his back on us.

We were supposed to wait for Old Master Jing but clearly Young Master Jing cant wait anymore.”

I looked at Jing Ning and Ye Qian for a moment before returning to Mr.


“What nonsense! When did my grandfather reach an agreement with you And how can you represent the Tong Corporation Do you have any experience Plus, can Tong Corporation handle something like this” Jing Ning yelled at me in exasperation.

I smiled slightly and glanced at Ye Qian.

Ye Qian looked back at me with a serious look in her eyes.


Jing Ning, please dont be impatient.

As you know, Tong Corporation is about as powerful as Jing Group.

However, our business is mostly located overseas, so its normal that an ignorant person like you doesnt know about it.” I continued calmly, “I can represent the Tong Corporation like how you can represent the Jing Group.

Isnt that right, Mr.

Jing Ning With regards to when your grandfather reached an agreement with me, Im sorry, but I cant tell you that.”

I turned to Smith.


Smith, does it really matter whether I have experience or not The more important thing is whether you are satisfied with this new contract that I plan to offer you.”

I waved my hands, and a bodyguard handed me a document.

I gave it to Smith respectfully.


Smith, please take a look.

Why dont you decide who to cooperate with after that”

Jing Ning was about to snatch the contract when Ye Qian pulled him back.

Ye Qians smile was hard..

“Nanxing, why are you here alone Wheres Master Qi”


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