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Chapter 417: Capital Injection

Translator: Lonelytree

He grabbed my hand and said somewhat helplessly, “Stop fooling around, girl.

Its an injury.

Whats there to see Im still standing here, arent I As long as Im still alive, its not a big deal!”

I asked with tears in my eyes.

“Are you really alright”

He nodded and smiled.

I raised my head to look at him.

I enunciated each word clearly, “Tong Le, swear to me that youll never leave me behind! Youll never abandon me and make me an orphan! Otherwise, Ill complain to my parents about you!” I knew I was being unreasonable.

He held my head with both hands and rubbed it.

“Silly girl!”

I wanted to make him promise me, but he raised his hand to stop me.

“Stop fooling around.

Hurry up and finish the task that Jing Tian gave you.

I want to see what kind of system it is.

Well see if we can use it to locate him!”

I immediately became serious.

Gao Da also became more serious after my little uncle arrived.

I told my little uncle what the old master had told me to do.

My little uncle bowed at the old master, “Old Master Jing, thank you for looking after Nanxing.

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The old master smiled, “You dont need to thank me.

I merely took in a little disciple, one who is a hundred times better than my other sons.”

I was shocked.

Was he talking about me

An interface appeared on my computer, and I was nervous.

I succeeded.

This was the first gate of the system.

I had entered it!

I ran to the computer.

My little uncle had returned so he could handle everything else!

My little uncle looked at the computer and said, “This system is designed by Jing Tian.”

I nodded.

“Yes, I noticed that from the beginning.

Everything is very familiar to me.

But I dont understand why Jing Tian would design a system for me to hack.” My hands didnt stop moving.

My little uncle said, “Its simple.

Someone is forcing him to do this.”

I paused and almost typed in the wrong code.

My little uncle placed his hand on my shoulder, telling me to steady myself.

“The people who were taken away with Jing Tian are all experts in the fields of mathematics and physics.

Jing Tian is a master at computers.

The culprit needs their expertise and is forcing them to work.

Su Qian and Su Shen were captured in a misunderstanding.

Regardless, the culprit still used them to threaten Jing Tian.”

My uncles analysis was similar to mine.

I focused on my work.

The old master asked, “Who are these people How did Jing Ning know them Are they the same group as the people who kidnapped me”

My uncle replied, “Old master, dont panic.

Well know the answer when Nanxing hacks into this system.

However, I have a guess regarding the culprit.

Jing Ning probably contacted them through Ye Qian.

Ye Qian is from the Gu Family, and the Gu Family is from the underworld, so this is not surprising.

“You were right to snatch the business deal back.

If Im not wrong, the culprit will help Jing Ning take over the Jing Family.

Then, they will control Jing Ning so that they can take whatever they want from the Jing family.

The culprit is like a parasite, swallowing and nibbling away at the blood of these rich and powerful families.

To ensure full loyalty, the culprit will nurture puppets among the second and third generations of the family heirs.”

The old man didnt say anything for a long time.

My little uncle focused on the code.

“Tong Le, I want to inject capital into the Tong family and transfer the assets of the Jing family to the Tong family,” the old man suddenly said.

My hand slipped, and I almost made a mistake..

Did these two have to come up with such shocking decisions without warning


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