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Chapter 438: Negotiations

Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Yi was stunned.

“She is coming here”

I nodded and waved my hand.


I dont care why she is here, but we mustnt let her leave.

This is a precious opportunity.

Once we kidnap her, well leave this country!”

Xiao Yi nodded.

I had a feeling that I had corrupted an innocent child.

I tried to chase away the old master and my little uncle.

I would deal with Tong Yan alone!

I couldnt let the old master and my little uncle get involved.

But of course, my little uncle disagreed.

Old Master Jing was more cooperative.

“Tong Le, let Nanxing handle this.

This is a chance for her to learn.

At worst, well help clean up her mess.

If you dont give her the chance to grow, how can she get strong”

My little uncle smiled wryly.

“Old Master, you mustnt let her do as she pleases, or well live to regret it!”

The old master pulled him along.

“Come play chess with me.

If Nanxing cant even handle a love rival, how can she be with my Jing Tian! How can they marry”

I… Before I exploded, the old master pulled my little uncle and left.

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I turned to look at my gang of four.

They were trying hard not to laugh.

I frowned at them.

“Is this that funny You bunch of traitors!”

Tan Si quickly said, “Sister Xing, are we going to wait like this Shouldnt we prepare something to welcome Miss Tong”

I thought for a moment.


Youre right.

Make it loud and scary.

Dont spend too much.

She is not worth the money.”

“Okay!” Tan Si caught my meaning.

He led Brother Mang and Brother Xiong out.

Ah Hu was worried.

“Sister Xing, you need to be careful.

I heard from Xiao Yi that this woman knew black magic.

You mustnt get too close to her.”

I smiled.

“Im not worried.

All of you will be there.”

Ah Hus expression was filled with worry.

Tong Yan only appeared an hour later.

She really took her time.

She came with little people.

There were only two cars and five subordinates.

I let them in.

When Tong Yan saw me, she smiled.

She was as arrogant as ever.

“Nanxing, Im impressed.

You actually dared to let us in.”

I said indifferently, “What choice do I have Do you expect me to walk to the gate to talk to you”

Tong Yan was stunned, and she didnt know what to say.

I invited her to sit.

“Tell me, what do you want”

Tong Yan smiled reservedly.

“Nanxing, weve encountered some problems, and wed like to ask Professor Jing to come back with us.”

I scoffed.

“Theres one thing I dont understand.

Youve tortured and poisoned Jing Tian, and now you want Jing Tian to help you solve your problems Who gave you the confidence Its amazing how shameless you are.”

Tong Yan said confidently, “Nanxing, if you dont let Jing Tian come with us, you can only watch him die.

He is infected with the poison I concocted.

Do you understand that, Nanxing If you love someone, you have to let them go, let them be happy! Dont tell me you dont understand this simple theory”

I smiled.

“You sure are a brilliant talker.

But I have another simple theory for you too.

Love cant be forced.

Jing Tian doesnt like you.

Your love is unrequited.

So what if you tie him to you He still wont love you!”

Tong Yan answered, “Its okay, I can wait.”

I was speechless.

“Xiao Yi, serve the tea!” I didnt want to waste time talking to this woman..

Lets get down to business!


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