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Chapter 44: Third Madam

Jing Ni jumped off her bicycle and dashed into the house.

“Mommy, Im home!”

A gorgeous woman in her 40s walked out from the house.

“Ni Ni!”

Jing Ni flew into her mothers embrace and I could see tears in both of their eyes.

Even I was affected by their emotions.

I would never be able to have such a hug so this reunion was touching for me.

Jing Ni introduced me to her mother.

The third madam, Bai Rui was an exceptionally gentle and soft woman.

There was a constant worry between her brows.

Even her smile was tinged with sadness.

“Miss Nan, thank you for taking care of Ni Ni.

She has told me so much about you.” She smiled at me.

I came to my senses and walked forward to shake her hand.

“Auntie, please call me Nanxing.

Ni Ni and I are best friends, well look after each others back and no one will dare to bully us!” I said confidently.

Jing Ni beside her mother nodded heavily.

The girl didnt know about the changes that had recently occurred to my life.

Her best friend actually had an underworld connection and she had an uncle who could turn the world upside down.

Jing Ni still nodded without hesitation when I said we would protect each other.

I was touched because I could feel her sincerity.

Jing Ni would really use her life to protect me if need be.

Bai Rui smiled, “Miss Nan, Ni Ni can be quite a handful, please bear with her.

Thank you.” Bai Rui was still very cautious around me but I understood why.

She had been living under the heavy pressure of the Jing Family, caution had been written into her bones.

I smiled and admitted, “Auntie, my biological parents have passed away a long time ago.

People stay away from me but Jing Ni is willing to be my friend.

I should be thanking her.”

Instantly Bai Rui put down her guard and sighed.

“You poor child.”

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I smiled.

“Auntie, theres nothing poor about my condition.

Ni Ni and I will work hard to get into M University.

When were older, Jing Ni and I will both care for you.”

Bai Rui nodded with teary eyes.

Before Bai Rui cried further, Jing Ni astutely pulled me away, “Nanxing, let me show you our garden!” Jing Ni and Bai Ruis home was probably the smallest at this neighbourhood.

However, the house was well-kept and the garden was a crowning jewel.

Jing Ni told me, “Initially mother planted vegetables in the garden but the other uncles and aunties said that it made the place look too much like a farm.

They couldnt stand the sight of it.

Therefore, mother had no choice but to kill all the vegetables she planted.

The aunties and uncles only shut up after mother shifted to plant flowers.”

Jing Ni sounded depressed.

I consoled her, “In the future, we will work very hard and buy a home with a yard for auntie.

Auntie can plant all the vegetables she want and we will have fresh veges to eat for all seasons, itll be perfect!”

Jing Nis eyes lit up.

“Nanxing, thank you.

Being around you has given me so much hope.

My life is like a lightless world before I met you.”

I laughed, “Ni Ni, you are so good with your words, no wonder youre an arts student.

You really need to help me with my essays.

Teacher always critiques me for it.

Be it Chinese or English compositions, he said it was like reading chicken scrawl.”

Jing Ni turned to look at her mother who was reading on the balcony.

She lowered her voice.

“To be honest, I really dont want to come back but my mother is here.

I worry about her.

My mother and I have no place at this home.

Nanxing, I have to get into M University and make something of myself so that I can rescue my mother from this place.

She only stays here because of me.

But the empty house and the memory of my father are slowly eating her away.

She is slowly being hollowed protecting this house and me.”

I understood how Jing Ni felt.

I patted her shoulders.

“Ni Ni, dont worry, we can do this!”

Jing Ni gifted me a pot of beautiful orchid.

I would bring it back to Jing Tians villa to plant.

We took the bicycles back.

Even after we had ridden far away, I could feel Bai Ruis eyes trailing us.

I sighed.

Jing Ni suddenly said, “Nanxing, youre right, we can do this.

I have to bring mother away from here!”

I nodded heavily.

I had no idea Jing Ni was carrying so much weight.

In her previous life, she was so willing to be Jing Nings pawn probably because he threatened her with Bai Rui.

But in this life, because I had walked into her life, Jing Nis personality had started to change.

I believed her fate would change too.


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