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Chapter 441: Grandma

Translator: Lonelytree

The plane journey was more than ten hours, but I wasnt lonely at all.

Tong Yan was quite an interesting person.

I had fun talking to her and seeing her face turn face.

This was only the beginning, I was not even done yet.

I purposely had Old Master Jing and my little uncle take another plane.

I didnt want them to see me like this.

As for Jing Tian, I decided to be honest with him.

Of course, Jing Tian knew what was happening.

The plane was only so big.

He didnt disapprove or approve of what I was doing.

He didnt stop me either.

Of course, I wasnt doing this just to annoy Tong Yan.

I found out more about Xiao Yis grandmother.

His grandmother wasnt his biological grandmother but his mothers adopted mother.

She was a mixed-race beauty.

She was kidnapped to China to become the mistress of a mafia boss.

After the boss died, she was kicked out by the boss adopted son.

She worked part-time to survive.

One day, she found a homeless little girl and took her in.

The two were not related by blood, but they were very close.

With the help of the government, they managed to survive.

Xiao Yis mother got married and had children.

Everything was going smoothly.

However, more than ten years later, the mafia boss adopted son returned to harass her.

He heard from outsiders that the granny knew how to use black magic.

He demanded her to teach him.

She refused.

Xiao Yis father was an honest man, and he moved with his mother-in-law to avoid the harassment.

This infuriated the mafia boss adopted son.

They kidnapped Xiao Yi as revenge.

Xiao Yis parents went to beg for Xiao Yis release, and they were killed by the adopted son.

Xiao Yis grandmother lost her mind because she blamed herself for causing the death of her two children.

Xiao Yi dropped out of school because he had to take care of his grandmother.

Xiao Yi swore to take revenge.

He infiltrated into the adopted sons gang and became his underling.

That was where Xiao Yis path crossed with mine.

The adopted son was Han Cheng, my gang of fours former leader.

He received Jing Yans order to harm me.

In retaliation, I collected evidence of his crimes and sent him to prison.

He was still alive and kicking in prison.

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Xiao Yi was one of the few who stayed with my gang of four.

He was grateful that I had avenged his family.

When Sky City was being trained by Dragons Gate and Ardent Flame Alliance, Brother Gao Jing took Xiao Yi as his disciple.

I sighed.

The world was too small.

I didnt expect that I would be connected to Xiao Yi through Han Cheng.

Xiao Yis grandmother was Jing Tians only hope.

Jing Ni had been taking care of Mai Qi at Huan Yuan.

Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui also moved to Huan Yuan after the endless harassment from the Jing Family.

Wherever Auntie Lan was, Old Master Jing would be.

So after we landed, we returned to Huan Yuan immediately.

Auntie Lan hugged her son and cried non-stop.

Old Master Jing kept apologizing to his wife.

Juniors like us felt quite embarrassed for him.

Jing Tian was completely unfazed, and he insisted on going back to his own home.

He took his parents with him.

Tong Yan had to stay with Jing Tian.

However, it was a problem who would watch over her.

I still had many things to do, so I couldnt be her personal warden.

“Arent I the most suitable candidate to keep an eye on her” A clear voice interrupted our discussion..


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