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Chapter 451: Obsession

Translator: Lonelytree

He continued, “Jing Ni will have her grandfathers support no matter what in the future!”

Auntie Lan nodded, “Thats more like it.”.

Auntie Lans life was smooth.

The biggest setback was probably her relationship with the old man.

She looked soft on the outside, but she was actually very tough.

After years of being pampered by her son and husband, Auntie Lan would appear easily bullied to some.

However, I never doubted Auntie Lans ability.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have trusted her with Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

As for her temper, it was just a small fight between husband and wife.

Auntie Lan was only trying to get her husband to notice her, even though she was already very hard not to notice.

After the two elders made up, I retired.

I went to check on Jing Tian.

I was relieved when I saw him sleeping soundly.

Tong Yan was in the guest room next door.

When I entered, Su Qian and Su Shen were playing an online game together.

I told them to continue playing as I walked over to Tong Yan, who was tied to the chair by the bed.

A trace of fear flashed across her eyes as her body involuntarily shrank back.

I smiled at her.

Su Qian and Su Shen were so good at their job.

After half a day, Tong Yan had become so much more obedient.

If this had happened a day earlier, she would have given me a vicious and disdainful look.

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I pulled a chair over and sat opposite Tong Yan.

“You sure are unlucky.

You managed to anger the famous assassin ranked on the darknet, and two of them at the same time!” I commented.

It appeared like she was really afraid of them.

I teased, “Im really impressed by how ignorant you are.

How did your organization cultivate a fool like you You went around casually harming people, kidnapping people, and falling in love with people.

You even taunted people you didnt even know.

Miss Tong Yan, I feel sorry for your organization to have a member like you!”

Tong Yans face turned from white to red, and then she turned her face away.

Su Shen suddenly sighed, “Su Qian, were still not good enough.

We had to rely on brute force to wear a person down.

But look at Nanxing.

She aims for the heart.

Her methods save so much time and effort.”

Su Qian shrugged nonchalantly, “Thats why shes the boss.”

I smiled and turned around to give them a thumbs up.

“But, you two are the best employees in the world!”

I turned around and stopped smiling.

I looked at Tong Yan.

“Thanks to you, Jing Tian is sleeping very peacefully.

Nothing is going on currently, and we have nothing to do.

I wish to know more about our complicated history.

Will you share them with me”

Tong Yan didnt show any expression, but her eyes showed that she was thinking.

I smiled.

“Tong Lin grew up in the Tong Family.

His mother was determined to marry into the Tong Family.

After even she married someone else and had their children, she still wanted him to have the surname Tong.

What about you You werent raised by any member of the Tong Family, so why did you have the surname Tong There are so many other surnames available in the world.”

I looked at her, and she finally opened her mouth.

Her voice was a little hoarse as she said, “Its just a surname.

Theres no special reason than convenience!”

I chuckled.

“Do you really believe that”

Tong Yan clenched his teeth angrily.

“Yes! My mother was obsessed with a man who didnt care about her.

Since she couldnt marry him, she gave birth to his child..

Even after she married someone else and gave birth to more children, she had all of us take his surname due to her obsession! Are you satisfied now”


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