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Chapter 453: Grandma

Translator: Lonelytree

I added, “You should enjoy life while you still can.

As long as they dont come to rescue you, well continue to torture you.

Were not afraid of you taking revenge in the future.

Life is a series of revenge anyway.”

I high-fived Su Qian and Su Qing.

With a victorious smile, I swaggered off.

Xiao Yi was waiting for me outside the door.

“Shall we go, Sister Xing”

I nodded.

Xiao Yis grandmother lived in an old building in an urban-rural area.

The environment was dirty, messy, and bad.

Xiao Yi protected me the entire way.

“Sister Xing, we can slow down now.”

Seeing how apologetic he was, I told him, “You should give your grandma a better living environment.

Sky Citys exclusive residential area has been completed.

Ill reserve a house for you.”

Xiao Yi smiled shyly.

“Thank you, Sister Xing!” Then, he sighed.

“But, Grandma doesnt want to move away.

She said that this is her root.

Shes not going anywhere.

This is Grandma and Moms home.

If she leaves, Moms soul wont be able to find her.”

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I patted Xiao Yis shoulder and didnt say anything.

Xiao Yis home was on the second floor.

Once I entered the staircase, I had an indescribable feeling.

I turned around to look at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was obviously used to it.

Xiao Yi took out the keys and opened the door.

“Grandma, Im home.”

No one answered.

“Please come in, Sister Xing.” Xiao Yi invited me.

I entered the room and looked around.

The room was very clean because there was nothing in it.

There were only three futons in the middle of the living room.

The house was an old-fashioned two-bedroom living room.

The kitchen had been changed to a balcony.

The two bedrooms faced each other.

Xiao Yi went to the master bedroom and knocked on the door.

“Grandma, Im back.”

Then, he waited with his hands by his side.

I took a gentle step forward.

I heard a soft voice in my ear, but when I listened carefully, it was gone.

I couldnt help but break out in a thin layer of sweat.

It was very strange here.

The supernatural was the most terrifying.

The master bedroom door opened, and a woman in a long white dress walked out.

Her skin was flaxen, and her face looked a little old, but one could not tell she must have been a rare beauty when she was young.

A thick braid coiled around her chest, giving her a very exotic feeling.

The old lady looked out of place in this dim-lit house.

She looked at me and walked over quietly.

Only then did I realize that her bare feet, which looked dark against her white dress, were covered with tattoos that I couldnt understand.

My heart suddenly fell to the ground.

She must be the person I was looking for.

I bowed to her.

“Hello, granny, my name is Nanxing.

Im Xiao Yis friend.

I have something to ask you.”

She stopped three steps in front of me and looked at me quietly.

My palms were sweaty.

“Grandma, this is Sister Xing.

She treats me very well.” Xiao Yi said.

His grandma nodded at me.

“Come and sit down.”

She turned around and sat down on the futon.

I chose a futon opposite her and sat down.

“How is Tong Huan related to you” She asked softly.

It was an extremely young and charming voice.

If I closed my eyes, I would have no problem envisioning her as a young girl.

However, what surprised me wasnt her voice but her words.

“You know my mother” I blurted out.

“Tong Huan is your mother” She looked at me.

Her eyes were filled with joyous disbelief.

I nodded.

“Yes, my name is Nanxing.”

She smiled faintly.

“Tong Huans daughter is already so grown.

Close your eyes and listen carefully.

See if you can hear anything.”

Although I didnt understand what she meant, I still closed my eyes and took a deep breath..

I was willing to try anything for Jing Tian.


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