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Chapter 459: Black Peach Blossom

Translator: Lonelytree

“Forget-me-not is a love poison.

It is made from the blood of a woman when her love is strongest.

Tong Huis only method of survival was to stay with the mute girl.

The other path is death.

That is the way of our tribes.

It is love or death.

That is the purest form of forget-me-not.

The ones on the market now are all imitations.” Grandma said disdainfully.

“Our tribe Grandma, do you know that priestess” I caught the main point immediately.

She smiled a bitter smile.

“That priestess was my elder sister.

I was the youngest daughter of my family.

I was not killed in that tragedy.

Instead, I was captured.

Thankfully, I ran into Tong Huan.” She sighed, “But thats another story.

After the Tong Family found out what Tong Hui did, they regretted it immediately.

Tong Huan cleaned up his mess.

Tong Huan rescued the kidnapped women and children at all costs and sent them back to the rainforest.

“She left some people behind to help them rebuild their homes.

If you have a chance to go to those places, youll see a kneeling sign at every tribe entrance.

The kneeling figure is Tong Hui.

While in every tribal school, there is a statue of Tong Huan.

The resemblance might not be clear, but the importance lies in the intention.

“If it were not for Tong Huan, most of us would be dead already, so we were appreciative of her help.”

I was unable to speak.

Tong Hui and Tong Huan were siblings, but they had such different personalities.

“Our tribe was destroyed, so our remaining members had to join with other tribes.

A few of my sisters and I were fortunate to stay with Tong Huan.

The days by her side were the happiest of my life.”

Grandma took my hand and placed the index and middle fingers of her other hand on her forehead.

She closed her eyes and muttered something.

Then, she placed her two fingers on my wrist.

I was surprised to find a black peach blossom on my wrist.

It looked like a tattoo.

I looked up at Grandma in surprise.

She smiled.

There was a black peach blossom on her forehead.

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“This is my birth flower.

Tong Huan saved my life, and I wanted to be her servant.

However, she said she didnt want a servant, but she wanted a friend.

That was a big honor for me.

Nanxing, your mother is more than who she was.

In our belief, the people who passed merely exist in a plane different from ours.

Therefore, theres no need to be sad.

I am sure she is still doing good work valiantly.

And as for you, as long as you need me, I will spare no effort to help you.” Grandmothers smile gradually became clear.

I looked at the black peach blossom on my wrist in shock.

I was once again shocked by this supernatural power.

Xiao Yi was flabbergasted.

“What Grandma, you and Sister Xings mother were friends So, Sister Xing is actually not that senior to me” Xiao Yi slapped his mouth.

“How could I ever say that”

Grandma looked at Xiao Yi with a kind gaze.

“I take a medicine that can make my appearance look older.

Actually, I am only ten years older than Nanxings mother.”

I blurted out, “Thats because youre afraid of being found of Tong Hui So, does that mean you know how to cure forget-me-not”

She nodded slightly..


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