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Chapter 46: Apology

Everyone looked at Jing Yan in shock.

Jing Ning ran over to pull Jing Yan away.

“Jing Yan, what are you talking about”

Jing Yan shook off Jing Nings hands and looked at me with fear.

I took a step forward and looked at her.

I narrowed my eyes.

I raised my voice but kept it gentle, “Sister Jing Yan, why did you have me sold to South East Asia How have I offended you”

Jing Yan was still kneeling.

It still hadnt registered in her mind that I was alive and well.

“They, they said that you were seducing Lee Yang.” Her voice was small so I helped her repeat what she said, “They said I was seducing Lee Yang Who is Lee Yang and who are they” Jing Yan was silent.

I bent low.

“Sister Jing Yan, if you dont explain yourself, people are going to misunderstand.

What are you so afraid of If someone threatened you to do this, you have to tell us.

Your seniors will have your back.” From the corner of my eyes, I saw Old Master Jing nod with approval.

After all, I knew he would hope that Jing Yan was threatened and she didnt do this on purpose.

Then the Jing Family could blame this entirely on someone else.

I had given the opportunity to Jing Yan but I knew she wouldnt take it.

Because she would never take any help from me.

By then she finally realized she had been tricked.

She glared me viciously.

“Its you! You made me do it! Without you, this would not have happened!”

Well, you cant save those who dont want to be saved.

I wasshocked by her viciousness and asked pleadingly, “Big Sister Jing Yan, what have I done wrong I told you, I really dont know any Lee Yang.”

Jing Yan glared at me.

“Stop lying! They all said that you have been sneaking notes to Lee Yang to have him meet you in secret! Also Lee Yang has commented on your beauty before me! So it must be you who have seduced him”

This time I was honestly surprised, “They Who are they Sister Jing Yan, why would you believe their words”

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Jing Yan hissed angrily, “Who else They are Nanyang, Li Tian and Li Ting.

One of them is your big sister, the other is your big sisters good friend and the last is your cousin.

Why would they frame you”

Indeed, why would they frame me This girl is so stupid.

I didnt answer.

Jing Ning cut in, “Jing Ni, dont talk nonsense.

Nanyang isnt that kind of person.

Nanxing, your big sister will definitely not frame you.

There has to be some kind of misunderstanding! Jing Yan, stop kneeling and get up from the floor!”

I raised my eyes to meet Jing Nings anxious gaze.

“Young Master Ning, if my big sister is not that kind of person, does that mean you also believe I have gone to seduce this Lee Yang”

Jing Ning was startled.

He probably didnt expect me to question him in public.

Jing Ning pulled Jing Yan up the floor.

Jing Yan cooperated.

I believed she had calmed down already.

This was good, I didnt want people to say that I was bullying her.

I looked at Jing Yan and smiled.

“Earlier Big Sister Jing Yan saw me as a ghost because she was certain that I have already been sold to South East Asia.

She must have been so frightened to see me standing here.

Big Sister Jing Yan, you have me sold to the human traffickers because of a silly rumor Also Sister Jing Yan, how did you get in contact with human traffickers Did someone introduce you to them

“Nanxing is still young.

If I have offended Sister Jing Yan, I hope big sister can forgive me.

But I still need to ask, Big Sister Jing Yan, what kind of job did they tell you I would have to do at South East Asia After all, I havent even graduated from high school yet.

Also, how much did you sell me for

“This time, Big Sister Jing Yan has failed but should I be worried about next time If I didnt know and accidentally offended Big Sister again, would you have me sold to the human traffickers once more”

I swept the faces of the Jing Family.

Jing Nings face was extremely dark.

He tried his best to not explode and squeeze out a smile.

“Nanxing, Jing Yan was just being foolish.

Things are not as serious as you think.

Youre overthinking things.”

“Young Master Ning, what am I overthinking exactly The collaboration between Big Sister Jing Yan and the human traffickers or the concern that Big Sister Jing Yan would have me sold again” I asked evenly.

Jing Ning growled in warning, “Nanxing, shut up!”

For this moment, I did.

Jing Ning turned to Old Master Jing.

“Grandpa, Im sure Jing Yan didnt mean this! She is still young…”

Elder Jings face turned ashen.

“Apologize! Apologize to Nanxing immediately!”

Jing Ning took a deep breath and nudged Jing Yan.

“Jing Yan, you have to apologize to Nanxing!”

Jing Yan glared fiendishly at me.

I pursed my lips and looked back at her fearlessly.


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