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Chapter 465: The Nan Family

Translator: Lonelytree

Someone in prison wanted to see me

“Is it a guard or an inmate” I was confused.

Xiao Yi swallowed his saliva and said with a complicated expression, “An inmate.”

I thought for a moment.

I didnt know any person serving time, so I turned to Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

They also shook their heads in confusion.

“Who is it” I asked Xiao Yi.

“Sister Xing, its Nan Feng,” Xiao Yi said softly.

I was stunned.

The name Nan Feng had already been removed from my mind.

After Nanyangs suicide, the Nan Group fell into a financial crisis.

Nan Feng went to look for help from Jing Ning, but he was chased out by the Jing Family.

He went to stop Ye Qians car, and Ye Qian called the cops on him.

The Nan Family had to announce their bankruptcy eventually.

Nan Feng was sentenced to jail for a number of crimes.

Li Yuan divorced him and returned to her maiden family.

We never heard from her again.

At the time, I was attacked by the media due to Nanyangs death.

I was too busy to defend myself to care about Nan Feng.

Instead, it was my little uncle who went to visit Nan Feng.

However, my little uncle didnt say anything after he returned.

When I thought about investigating this, my little uncle stopped me.

He said that Nan Feng entered jail willingly and he didnt need help.

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So, why did he want to see me now

Xiao Yi nodded slightly.

My little uncle said without raising his head, “Go and see him.

Xiao Yi, make the arrangements.

Dont let anyone else know.” My little uncle had gotten much reticent lately due to his workload.

Of course, he might be chattier with Mai Qi, who knows.

When I saw him again, I almost couldnt recognize him.

The thin man couldnt be my uncle, Nan Feng.

The impact must have been huge to turn the fat middle-aged man into an old stick figure.

Due to his former size, his skin sagged, and he looked like a deflated balloon.

“Nanxing, thank you for coming to see me.” He tried his best to smile, but his smile was even uglier than his tears.

I nodded at him.

He calmed down.

“I was never a believer in Gods, but now I believe in karma.” I didnt know where he was going with this, so I didnt say anything.

“I destroyed the Nan Family.

I wont be able to face the Nan Family ancestors after I die.

Nanxing, youre the only one left of the Nan Family.

Ill have to beg you to revitalize the Nan Family.” He sighed in relief.

I suspected his brain was fried from being in prison for too long.

Revitalizing the Nan Family Me

Nan Feng continued, “Nanxing, your father has registered a private safe under his name.

No one knows whats inside.

I did occupy his asset, but I never touched that safe.

No matter how hard life was, I didnt want to touch it.

Nanxing, perhaps that is the last bit of humanity I have left.

“Perhaps it was because of that bit of humanity that Nanyang got your help at the last moment of her life.

It was why her daughter got your protection.

Tong Le came to offer me help, but I rejected him.

Its not worth it.

Nanxing, Im not worth helping.

I brought this on myself.

I doomed myself and my daughter.

This is my karma.”

I listened to his confession, and I was too stunned to say anything.

Then, he stood up.

“Nanxing, please dont be too hung up on revenge.

Karma will eventually get them.

Look at me.

You need to focus on yourself and return the Nan Family back to its prime.”

I smiled and left with the prison guard.

I looked at him blankly..

My vision suddenly blurred.


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