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Chapter 466: Hypocrisy

Translator: Lonelytree

After I left the jail, I felt lost.

I asked the driver to drop me off in the city center.

I strolled to the former Nan Corporation, which was now Gu Nians company branch, Joint Creation.

I found a coffee shop across the street and sat down to order a cup of coffee.

When the waiter served the coffee, I didnt even turn my head to say “thank you”!

I only turned my head when I felt that someone had sat down on the seat opposite me.

Ye Qian!

She was still the same.

Her hair was neatly tied up, her professional dress was neat, and her makeup was perfect.

She was meticulous.

The corners of my lips curled up slightly.

Ye Qian looked at me.

The usual kind and caring expression on her face had disappeared, and there seemed to be a hint of melancholy between her brows.

“Hello, Nanxing.”

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“Hello,” I replied faintly.

“Im… not very well,” she said softly.

Here we go again.

I picked up my coffee and took a sip, quietly listening to what she had to say.

“Nanxing, I heard that Master Qi is very sick.

Is that true” She asked me, her expression full of genuine concern.

My fingers caressed the rim of my cup.

“You dont need to come to ask me for that.

You have so many spies around the Jing Family.

Why are you doing this”

Ye Qian sighed.

“Nanxing, we cant be friends no matter how hard I try.”

I smiled.

“Ye Qian, why waste time Are you not the reason why we cant be friends”

Ye Qian looked unnatural, “Nanxing, is this our official falling out”

I turned around to look at the former Nan Corporation.

I nodded.

“Actually, we werent close enough to have a fallout.

You were the one who had been pretending there was peace between us.

You said you didnt want to be my enemy, but you wouldnt miss any chance to kill me.

Ye Qian, Im tired.

I dont want to play this game anymore.”

Ye Qian finally stopped talking.

I smiled contemptuously.

“I wont forgive what youve done to Jing Tian.

I always know who is kind to me and who is not.

Ill pay back ten times the debt I am owed.

We both know what kind of person Jing Ning is.

The Jing Family might appear united now, but Ill never take him seriously.

You dont need to rely on the Brothers behind you.

Were going to settle both new and old scores.

Ye Qian, do you know what the biggest difference between you and me is”

Ye Qian looked at me.

The hypocritical gentleness in her eyes gradually disappeared, and her sharpness was gradually revealed.

“My background has always put me in a disadvantageous position.” There was no warmth in her voice.

I smiled.

“I like how you are now.

This is the real you.”

A hint of red flashed across her face.

I stirred the coffee and looked at her.

“Actually, our background is not the biggest difference.

The biggest difference is you care too much.

I am willing to give up anything to win, do you”

Ye Qian didnt move.

I smiled.

“You dont.

You cherish everything you have.

Even a man like Jing Ning, you wont let him go.

Even if he becomes your burden, you cant bear to throw him away because youve used a lot of effort to cultivate him.

You believe that one day hell prove useful again.

“The heavy luggage means that youre always bogged down.

Itll make you slow.

On the contrary, Im not afraid of anything.

I dont care about family background, power, or money, the things that you cant let go of.

I can live without them..

But can you”


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