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Chapter 477: Departure

Translator: Lonelytree

I had no news about Gu Nian when I departed.

My little uncle, Qu Hao, Mai Qi, and Jing Ni, came to see me off.

Behind them stood my group of four with red eyes.

I didnt tell the old master and Auntie Lan because it would only make them sad.

I hugged everyone and said goodbye.

My company was Su Qian, Su Shen, and Xiao Yi.

Ma Ji was my guest, and she brought hervessel, Tong Yan, who was covered from head to toe with a black cloak.

We departed to the wide world.

This trip could last for three years… or perhaps for life.

I finally cried when there were white clouds outside the porthole. I cried until I was tired and fell asleep.

I kept running in my dream.

I was very tired but I couldnt stop running.

I was chasing the light before me.

I was unhappy in my dream.

However, I kept running so I wouldnt focus on my unhappiness.

I was exhausted.

“We have already landed.

She doesnt sleep well.

Why dont we wake her up” This was Su Shen.

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“She hasnt slept well for a long time already.

Every night, shed go to Master Qis room to keep watch.

Let her sleep.” Su Qians voice was always so gentle.

She didnt sound like a top-ranked assassin on the Dark Net at all.

“Does this mean we cant mention Master Qi in front of Nanxing anymore” Su Shen was worried.

“Its best that we do that.

Dont make her sad.

We need to give her time to calm down.

Master Qi has Master Si with him.

You should find something to distract Nanxing.

Other than that, be on guard against others.

Su Shen, do you understand”

“I know, I know,” Su Shen replied obediently.

The two of them had arranged everything for me.

They were cautious about Ma Ji and Tong Yan.

Su Qian had always been worried about me.

Everyone around me gave up selflessly for me.

What right did I have to receive such care from them There were Su Qian, Su Shen, and Gu Nian.

I felt a pain in my heart.

I stretched my body and opened my eyes.

Su Qian immediately noticed.

“Oh, youre finally awake.

The sky is turning dark.

Why dont you enjoy the sea of flowers outside This place is so beautiful.

I can stay here for the rest of my life.” As if worried that I had overheard them, Su Qian spoke quickly and rapidly.

I smiled.

“Your rapid-fire words are making me dizzy again.”

Su Shen helped me up, and I looked around.

There were glass greenhouses everywhere.

These werent here last time.

I blew up the island with the bamboo house when I was last here with Tong Lin.

I lifted my head.

“Did my little uncle rebuild all these”

Su Qian smiled.

“After what happened last time, Master Si sent people over to fix this place.

We didnt know what he had done.

But, look at this place.

There isnt any trace of the explosion left.

It must have taken a lot of effort.”

I stood up to stretch and looked at the sea of flowers outside the window.

They were beautiful.

“Have Ma Ji and Xiao Yi settled in” I asked.

Su Qian nodded.

“Dont worry.

Everything has been arranged.”

“I want to go see them.” I turned around and walked out.

My little uncle had done a lot.

I had blown up the small island last time, but he had slowly rebuilt everything.

It was… wasteful!

Ma Ji chose to live in a small villa not far from the main house.

She had her own things to do.

And I appreciated her caution.

She knew I didnt want to see poisons and curses again.

A car sped over.

The driver was Xiao Yi.

We stood by the side of the road, waiting for him.

He was the only man on the island.

Therefore, he was responsible for all the manual work..


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