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Chapter 483: Division of Labor

Translator: Lonelytree

I frowned.

What was the great witch planning this time

I saw the pirates settle outside my shooting range, and I reported the situation to Su Qian and Su Shen.

“My dear Nanxing, quickly use your brain to think.

Are there any other secret weapons and secret warehouses on this island” Su Qian panted as she asked me through the earpiece.

Before I could reply, Su Shen said, “Weapons are not that important.

What we need the most now is manpower.

There are only four of us.

Even if we have a whole island of weapons, we cant do anything! If they decide to launch a full counterattack, well be overwhelmed!”

Of course, I was aware of this situation.

The pirates suffered heavy casualties.

They retreated to regroup.

However, no matter how long we rested, it was pointless.

We couldnt suddenly get new people.

Only two of us could fight.

I had to stay in the command room.

Su Qian and Su Shen wouldnt have others command them.

Xiao Yi was responsible for communication.

However, both the man and his car were at their limits.

We lacked manpower.

The island had treasure but no manpower.

I watched the pirates movements and muttered to myself.

“What are they doing Are they waiting for reinforcements Or are they trying to trap us here”

No one answered me.

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“Su Qian, Su Shen, dont go back to your original position.

That position has been exposed,” I reminded them.

“I got it.

Its alright.

We have more than those two sniping spots!” Su Shen replied nonchalantly.

I could feel her moving from her rapid breathing.

“Where are you going” I asked.

“The next sniping spot.

We cant just sit around and wait for death.” Su Shen added.

Su Qian chuckled.

“Its been a long time since Ive had such a satisfying fight.

Nanxing, send out the signal for help.

We dont know when the nearest rescue will arrive and if we can hold out until then.”

Her tone was relaxed, but I knew that the situation wasnt.

I had already sent out the signal for help without consulting them.

It was for Dragons Gate and Sky City.

I couldnt play with everyones life.

This was not the time to be a hero.

I grabbed a few walkie-talkie watches on the table, picked up a submachine gun, and rushed out.

There was a motorcycle in the garage downstairs.

I planned to meet them at the front line.

As soon as I arrived downstairs, I saw Ma Ji and Xiao Yi.

“My Great Wizard, you really came!”I exclaimed.

Ma Ji was still dressed in black.

She looked at me calmly.

“Nanxing, dont treat me as an outsider.

Treat me as your partner.

I want to fight with you.”

I smiled wryly.

“Ma Ji, this is a life-or-death situation.”

Ma Ji nodded.

“I understand.

My life was saved from this kind of battle.”

I threw a watch at Xiao Yi.

“Youre still our logistics director.

Youre in charge of weapon transportation.”

Xiao Yi pleaded, “Sister Xing, let me go to the frontline.”

I smiled and patted his shoulder.

“Do you think the backline is not important There are only so many of us.

And were all relying on you.

You have great strength and good driving skills.

The rest of us cant do your job.

We have too few people, so we need to be doing what were good at.


Xiao Yi nodded vigorously.

“Sister Xing, I understand.

Ill make you proud!” Xiao Yis car drove away.

I looked at Ma Ji..


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