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Chapter 486: Xiao Yi

Translator: Lonelytree

Su Qian and Su Shen looked at Ma Ji in unison.

Our minds were connected, and Su Qians body was already in a state of preparation.

I knew that something was wrong, so I quickly shouted, “Su Qian! Dont act rashly! Dont come any closer!”

Ma Ji quickly took two steps back and chuckled, “Nanxing, youre too smart.” She stretched out her right hand and gently spread it open.

Her fingernails were long and black, and there was a pinch of black powder on her palm.

She smiled at Su Qian and said, “Nanxing has saved your lives once again! I wont hurt Nanxing, but I wont hesitate to kill you two.

If you threaten my safety, youll die.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Qian and Su Shens expressions were extremely unsightly.

“Su Qian, Su Shen, leave.

I dont want anything to happen to you!” I looked at them calmly.

They looked at each other and nodded.

“Nanxing, well save you even if youre brought to the end of the Earth.” Su Qian promised.

I smiled.

I believed her, but I didnt need them to risk their lives for me.

“Help me take care of Jing Tian,” I said softly.

He was the person I couldnt let go of the most.

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Su Qian and Su Shen turned around and ran toward the beach.

Su Qian and Su Shen used the pirates to vent their frustration.

However, they were outnumbered.

“Ma Ji, let them go.

Or well die here together!” I pointed the muzzle at my temple.

Ma Ji placed her thumb and index finger in her mouth and let out a long whistle.

Sure enough, the pirates stopped fighting with Su Qian and Su Shen.

After I watched the two board a small boat and leave at lightning speed, I slowly lowered my hand.

Finally, they had escaped.

Ma Ji knew me too well.

She wouldnt kill me, but she would kill Su Shen and Su Qian.

They were my weaknesses.

“Sister Xing…” A surprised voice suddenly came from behind.

It was Xiao Yi.

I turned around and saw Xiao Yi looking at us in shock.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at Ma Ji.

“What is the meaning of this Is this another show”

Ma Ji smiled, “Believe it or not, hes not related to me.”

“Ha! Ma Ji, at this point, youre still playing with me Hes the son of your adopted daughter.

He called you grandma.

If not for him, I wouldnt have found you.

Now, youre telling me hes not related to you How stupid do you think I am”

Ma Ji wasnt angry.

“Im telling you the truth.

Its your choice to believe me or not.”

“Sister Xing, whats happening” Xiao Yis voice trembled.

I shrugged, “Well, I am being kidnapped.

The pirates are your grandmas people.

I am forced to go with her.

I just sent Su Qian and Su Shen away, but I forgot about you.

I dont know if you and your grandmother are acting or not, but I cant save you anymore.”

Xiao Yi wiped his face.

“Then, Sister Xing, can I go with you” He asked me, but his gaze was on Ma Ji.

I thought about it.

“Sure, if you want to be another hostage.

But being a hostage is not fun.”

Xiao Yi ran to my side and turned to Ma Ji.

“Is everything Sister Xing said true”

Ma Jis smile was very sweet.

“Its true, Xiao Yi..”


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