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Chapter 493: House Arrest

“I heard that you built an organization called Sky City Thats very capable!” He nodded his head in satisfaction.


Should I be modest How should I respond

I heaved a sigh and looked at him.

“I was captured by Ma Ji.

Theyve gone through a lot to trick me into coming here.

Ill remember this.”

He wasnt surprised at all.

He smiled and said, “Are you planning to get even with them”

I nodded.

“I dont like to be taken advantage of.”

He smiled and nodded.

“Well said.

That is the spirit of the Tong Family.”

I was exasperated and said directly, “I dont understand.

Why are you talking like this has nothing to do with you I was captured because of you.

Your peoples methods are quite despicable.”

He was indifferent.

“But, this has nothing to do with me.”

I was exasperated and glared at him.

I had nothing to say.

It turned out my eldest uncle was as unreasonable as I was.

He said, “I have long wanted to die.

However, I have a good son who has never given up on saving me.

After being tortured by them for so many years, I have become an experimental specimen.

What kind of life is that Id rather die.”

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I was stunned.

He also let out a long sigh.

“But this time, things are much better than before.

It seems that your blood can really save my life.” He nodded.

“Now, it is impossible for them to let you leave.

So you might as well stay here peacefully.

After all, this is your home.

When your cousin comes back and sees you, hell be very happy.”

I glared at him.

“So, my opinion doesnt matter No one is going to ask me if I want to stay here”

He was stunned for a moment.

“Why wouldnt you want to stay here Im your uncle.

Since you can stay by Tong Les side, then you can naturally stay by my side.

Im also your uncle.”

I curled my lips.

“Yes, but my little uncle didnt keep me by his side to prolong his life.”

He smiled.

“Thats not my intention either.

Ill make sure that they wont draw your blood anymore.

Dont worry.

Im keeping you here because I really want you to treat this place as your home.

Youre a descendant of our Tong family, so you should stay.

Ill have your cousin make the best arrangements for you.

Tell him what you like, and hell get you everything you need.”

“I want to go home and return to my little uncles side.

Thats what I need.” I said straightforwardly.

His smile faded, and he frowned.

“Nanxing, Im also your uncle.”

I stood up.

“In that case, rest well.

I wont disturb you anymore.”


I ignored him and went straight out of the door.

Who cares who he is I was not there to satisfy their habits.

I was a prisoner and a living blood vessel.

I was, in a way, very important to them.

It was quite exhilarating.

No one dared to kill me because they needed my blood.

In that case, I would make them suffer for bringing me along.

When Ma Ji saw me come out, she hurriedly came up to me.


She was quite friendly.

I stood still.

“Nanxing, thank you! Thank you!” Her eyes were filled with tears.

I was surprised by these peoples acting! One moment, they were my kidnappers, the next, they wanted to be my family!

Did they think I was an idiot

I dodged Ma Jis hand that was reaching out to grab my hand and took two steps back.

I sighed.

“Thats enough.

Lets drop the act.

I cant stand your pretensions..

Where are the guards I dont know how to get back to my cell, so have them bring me!”


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